Does Anybody Know What The F$@k DeSean Jackson is Talking About?

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35 Responses

  1. What are the chances he hit the % instead of the $? Other than that, I have no idea where to even begin to figure out what he means.

  2. From the beginning to end, losers lose, winners win.
    This is real, we ain’t got to pretend. The cold world that we in is full of pressure and pain, I thought it would change, but it’s staying the same.

  3. WTF? Blow up the team. Blow it up and start over from scratch. Keep Shady, but that’s about it. Everyone else is useless.

  4. Two things are for certain
    1.) This aint gonna end well
    2.) The streak continues ..51 years since we won a Championship and we still have ZERO SuperBowl rings
    Depressing stuff!

  5. Just wait, in a few years he’ll be the only guy in the neighborhood pushing a broom with a gold front tooth behind the Wawa food counter. If a class act guy like Julius Erving needs money decades after he retired, imagine what this guy will do.

  6. DeSean Jackson is an idiot. There are probably even more reasons than his terrible production this season that the Eagles seem to be running him out of town. It’s a joke he thinks he should get paid like an elite receiver. Any team would be crazy to go out and pick this guy up when he’s not only terrible on the field, but also off.
    Btw, Wes Welker is playing for $2 million a year for the Patriots, putting up the best numbers in the league. You hear him complain about his contract situation? Nope.

  7. birds have to get rid of the bad character trash like D Jax. You know he prolly paid for sex last night at that dirt ball club

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