Flyers Announce Alumni Game Roster

Bill Barber, Bob Clarke, Jim Dowd, Orest Kindrachuk, Eric Lindros, Ken Linseman, Dave Poulin, Jeremy Roenick, Al Hill, Bob Kelly, John LeClair, Shjon Podein, Brian Propp, Reggie Leach, Mark Recchi, Rick Tocchet
Terry Carkner, Eric Desjardins, Larry Goodenough, Derian Hatcher, Mark Howe, Brad Marsh
Kjell Samuelsson, Chris Therien, Joe Watson
Mark LaForest and Neil Little
Pat Quinn (head coach), Mike Nykoluk and Keith Primeau (assistant coaches)
Gary Dornhoefer, Bernie Parent, Dave Schultz


34 Responses

  1. Should be great seeing the no class drunk flyers fans embarass themselves by booing Roenick, recchi & lindros. Losers

  2. Eric, did you really expect Hextall to play? He’s the general manager of the Kings. He’s not going to take a day trip over to Philadelphia to play in an alumni game.

  3. i love how you all act like some higher up drafted these guys…..if they wanted to play they put their name in. lol it’s by choice guys.

  4. Dig up Pelle Lindbergh’s casket and stick it in front of the net, it will deff stop more pucks than Neil Litttle.

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  6. Hextall said no because of back issues and I think they are still working on getting Renberg.
    Fingers crossed for the Legion of Doom!!

  7. The level of uninformed banter on this thread in insane. So here are some notes..
    -Hextall (Back is bad shape, nothing to do with being the “assisant” gm of the kings)
    -Renberg (Working/ Prior Commitments)
    -Zezel (Not alive)
    -Person who spelled cooler as kelwer (Obviously 12 and is disappointed Richards and Carter arent coming back to play either)
    -Comment by kyle the turd (one of the funniest comments I’ve ever read)

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