FOX News Goes in on Joe Pa

Did Shephard Smith walk onto set awkwardly? Yes. Does he speak in a curious staccato? Yes. Are Penn State folks going to like this segment? No.

H/T to (@goodnightsnack), the man I once watched get freaky with a lady friend in a dog bed as I slept just feet away. True story.


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  1. Sandusky and Paterno were not “best friends”, in fact any opportunity that Paterno was given to compliment him in any of the time that he was there Joe did not comment on it. Also, Sandusky’s retirement was not suspiciously close to the incident that happened. Sandusky left because of medical issues. I am not choosing a side in this matter because I am basing all my opinions off of hearsay from blogs, websites and other things. I just wish that the media would realize that is all they are doing and do the same as me. Sheppard Smith has no knowledge of what happened in State College in 02,98 or even today, so therefore he should keep his opinions to himself until facts come out.

  2. The Fox news report is bizarre. Most Pennsylvanians either don’t care about Paterno or question why an 84 year old is still doing the job (“God” “most powerful man in the state?”). I’m not sure why there’s a need to debate his actions morally (the only plausible defenses are that he was lied to or was too senile to grasp the extent of the claim).
    The shocking behavior is that of the graduate assistant who caused the cover-up by not reporting it to police right away. He’s still a coach at Penn State. His knowledge of this crime has helped his career.
    Also, the local authorities who looked the other way (it took the state attorney’s office to explore the allegations). The local district attorney who was aware of the allegations in 1998 went missing in 2005. He destroyed his computer’s hard drive before he disappeared. I think that is something to explore.

  3. Randy Zelin was Michael Lohan’s attorney last year so it’s hard to take him saying things like “morally correct” seriously.

  4. “everything reported on fox news is a lie, even something that was true becomes a lie after being reported on by fox”- Louis Griffen- Family Guy

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