Hunter Pence Voted Most Valuable Player… of the Astros

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The legend of Ed Wade lives on.

This week, scriptuals from the Houston chapter of the Baseball Writers Association of America (writers love clubs) voted for the Astros’s 2011 MVP. Their choice, naturally, was… wait for it … you know it’s coming … Hunter Pence!

Hunter Pence was traded to the Phillies on July 29.


That’s right, the folks who follow and record the Astros’ every move decided that the guy most important to the team’s 56 wins was a guy who played the final two months of the season with the Phillies.


There are two ways to look at this: 

1) The writers really liked Pence and wanted to honor him for a job well done with a lousy team.

2) The writers were trying to send a message and embarrass the team by overlooking Carlos Lee, who batted .275 with 18 Hr and 94 RBI this year. 

It’s sort of like a choose your own adventure book, only, in this case, the outcome is always the same: Ed Wade makes cities sad.

Richard Justice of the Houston Chronicle likes option two:

All it means is that when the annual baseball dinner is held, one of these idiots will get up and hand a plaque to a guy no longer with the team, and in that single moment, we’ll be reminded how far the Astros have fallen.

This is wrong on two levels. First, it’s wrong. Hunter Pence did not contribute more to the 2011 Astros than Carlos Lee. He just didn’t. Second, the writers dinner is the kickoff to a new season.

It’s a few weeks before the start of spring training and is supposed to be a feel-good time of optimism or new beginnings or whatever. I understand it’s going to be difficult to feel good about the Astros, but whatever the dinner is supposed to be, it’s not about embarrassing anyone.

The Astros are run by good people. Ed Wade is as good a man as you will ever meet. Pam Gardner and Tal Smith are first-rate people in every respect. Regardless of how they’ve operated the club, it’s terrible to embarrass them on what is supposed to be a goodwill night.


Whether Pence actually shows up for the dinner remains to be seen. But, if anything, being voted MVP of his former team by members of the media speaks to his personality and character. Philly beat writers no doubt salivated when the quote machine showed up in July. As you know, most of the other players on the Phillies don’t have a personality (truth– you try talking to Chase Utley).

Whatever the Houston writers’ motivation was in voting for Pence (whether to embarrass the Astros or simply reward a good player and media favorite) awarding the team MVP award to a guy who was a key part of another, more successful team – the current GM’s former team – is a monster slap in the face to the Astros. It’s also pretty hilarious, too.


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  1. On the radio, they’re calling out Jason Avant to call in and clarify his comments about the fans, I guess giving him a chance to rescind and/or apologize. Not sure what he could possibly say, considering that It wasn’t “bandwagon fans” protesting the team and calling for Reid to be fired after a 1-4 start, that was the FANBASE. But this is news, too.

  2. i agree mikebiff- aren’t fans suppose to get mad when the team losses. wtf avant, you fumbling f**K

  3. I agree that Utley is pretty much a wet blanket, but what about Victorino, Howard, Lee and Ruiz. All guys I would love to sit at a bar and have a drink with.

  4. @mikebiff, idk wtf avant could say either. you know what i hate is when players who have been with the team for a few seasons(especially a ringless team) talk about the fans being restless and a short fuse. I have been dealing with this for the first 26 years of my life. 26 years and i have seen 1…ONE!!!! SuperBowl appearance…. and this team, defensive holes and O-line woes, aside… still has MAJOR impact players and we still EXPECTED them to play better. We drop the 100+ per ticket to go to games, we buy the merchandise, so we can voice our opinion when we feel that the teams we support are underachieving. One thing about Philly, we ALWAYS care. We CARE enough to show up and boo. Unlike ohhhh idk, carolina, jacksonville etc… where they dont care and stop showing up. We dont boo to hear ourselves boo, we dont boo (just) because we dont like you, we boo for the same reasons we cheer, to let you know what we think of your performance. We want to let you know that we see a team as underachieving when they SHIT the bed against SF.

  5. man I am shocked there is nothing posted about Jeff Carter not playing against the flyers

  6. Why do you people get so mad when athletes show you the light? They don’t appreciate your undying allegiance to follow and obsess over their every breath. Realize it and get over it. Or is it too horrible to ponder focusing more of your already divided attention on your OWN LIFE?
    Jeez. I like sports and all, but when I realized I was feeling ANGRY and HURT over something that’s supposed to merely provide me with ENTERTAINMENT, I realized it was time to change what sports means to me. Follow suit. It’s not so bad after all, evidently.

  7. “i agree mikebiff- aren’t fans suppose to get mad when the team losses. wtf avant, you fumbling f**K”
    You’re “suppose” to do something for a fucking ORGANIZATION that doesn’t even know you exist? How brainwashed are you? Jesus Christ.

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