I Hate This Team So Much

Angry Adam Reigner, producer at WIP, weighs in on the downfall of the Eagles.


Would you consider me crazy if I told you that the Eagles were going to win Sunday night? Would it be out of line for me to say that Vince Young is going to lead them on a last minute drive to win the game?


It’s easy to dream, and even easier to lie when the answers are hard.

Football isn’t fun anymore. Andy Reid and company have made it a job to keep up with them. Instead of finding out when Mike Vick broke his ribs, I have to play a game of Clue to figure it out. Instead of getting an honest answer to why DeSean Jackson was benched, I’m told the New York Giants are the only thing on his mind.

Andy had no problem holding DeSean accountable for being 20 minutes late to a special teams meeting– I ask when the hell is Joe Banner and Jeffery Lurie going to hold him accountable for not putting his players in the right position. 

I’ve got to do a better job. I’ve got to do a better job. I’ve got to do a better job.

It’s like an Adele song. It was good at first, but its been played so many times that you immediately tune it out when you hear it. We get it, some guy broke her heart and Andy has to do a better job.

Been there done that.

Now Joe Paterno is a terrible human being who put the idea of Penn State Football before the behavior of a monster in Jerry Sandusky. I don’t care about all the good he did before, his legacy is forever tarnished. Reid is in no way on that level, but there is a line that can be drawn between the two.

When you spend a long enough time somewhere you tend to take shortcuts and overlook the simple things. You surround yourself with yes men, and change your principles to match the moment.

The Andy Reid who took this team over in ‘99 was even keeled, and valued good character guys who put the team first. He had a philosophy that you built teams through the draft, and even took shots at the Washington Redskins, who would win the free agency Super Bowl every year. He was a man that was capable of outsmarting teams consistently, and most importantly he won football games.

In year 13 of his five-year plan, Reid has not only peaked, but he isn’t the same principled man he was when he took over the Eagles.

I’ve seen him change from building young kids’ careers to smearing him in the court of public opinion. I watched as his boss created the YPA stat, and am watching now as there is an concerted effort to smear a young wide receiver who has done everything they have asked of him and more. I watched as DeSean was TMZ’ed and said to be broke– the Eagles stood idly by.

That’s despicable behavior even for the Eagles, a team that always protected their players, sometimes much to our frustration.

That’s the type of people they have become down at One NovaCare Way, though. Spreading personal information about their own player to the media so they can justify not paying him after they have abused him. It’s a propaganda machine that is losing as much lately as their product on the field.

I really don’t know how much longer I can keep watching this team. I can’t be the only one who feels this apathetic.

For those of you keeping count, Tim Tebow has four wins this year — the Eagles, three.

I miss watching winning football.

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22 Responses

  1. I can’t entirely hate this team. I mean, this Eagles team MIGHT be the one that gets Reid fired, so that’s gotta count for something, right?

  2. Moral conundrum to watch this team. Can’t root for Giants, but can’t root for Eagles either. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Simply watching this team hurts my head and conflicts my heart. Andy Reid, I hate you. Jeff Lurie, I hate you. 2011 Philadelphia Eagles, I hate you.
    This fan base is scarred to the point where midnight green is synonymous with Andy Reid. Kelly green is no longer a color, it’s a necessary step in the healing process.

  3. Everyone talks about the players not caring enough and not being leaders. No one seems to notice that Reid himself seems to have given up, doesn’t care about winning (or losing), and is no longer a leader. His indifference, sloppiness, and stubbornness have trickled down through the coaching staff and infected the entire roster. He may not get fired, but I would not be surprised if he resigned at the end of the season.

  4. honestly though would you be shocked if we won? idk about everyone else but this seems like exactly the kind of game that we’ll somehow find a way to barely skate by just to give people false hope for the playoffs

  5. Couldn’t agree more.
    It’s sad that at times I’m actually hoping for the team I love so much to lose, just so people don’t have ANY chance to look at another failure of a season with Reid at the helm with a positive light.
    He needs to go. Yesterday.

  6. I checked out emotionally after the San Francisco game. Decided then that this team had too many fatal flaws (no LBs, no heart, no size on the interior O’line for goal-line plays) to do anything this year, so I wasn’t going to torture myself by continuing to build my Sundays around them. Best decision I ever made. I’ve still watched them a little, since it’s tough not to when everyone else still does, but I just don’t care, so it doesn’t hurt when they turn in pathetic loss after pathetic loss.

  7. Absolutely. Be sure to tell Cataldi et al on the air to keep up the good work. Power to the people. We’ll get that bloated FO shill outta here before too long. Rock on, WIP. Fight the good fight.

  8. Andy Reid should have been fired after punting on 4th and 2 against New Orleans in 2006.
    But all of these fans kept making excuses for Reid.
    I’ve sat back and laughed since then. The only reason we got to the Super Bowl in 2004 was because of the guy who plays QB for us now. That’s it.

  9. Tell me you did not put a shitty football coach on the same level as a shitty human being.
    Reid is frustrating as hell as a head coach, but he should never be placed on the same level as zip-lipped Paterno.

  10. You are not alone. I hate this team whole heartedly and want my Eagles back. Problem is my angst goes all the way to the top for making us deal with fat fuck as long as we have. Go Giants!

  11. I hope we get blown out so Andy gets another notch against him. However, since it is Andy, I would not be surprised if he craps out an ugly W somehow and prolongs our torture. Eli is never a sure thing so we’ll see.

  12. Overall, a really good article (I personally wouldn’t have made any correlation to the disgustingness of predator state and the disgustingness of the Eagles, just too sick and wrong, but Kyle’s obsessed with it)…and I think they could come out with a win, if for nothing else to keep the die-hards on the ledge for at least one more week.
    The dline is healthy, the giants oline isn’t all that impressive, and if you can rock Eli early, they’ll have a chance. A few sacks, maybe a fumble turnover or td, and a pick or two…wishing for a lot from the defense, but it’s the only way they win with Vince taking snaps (although again, this would be the week AR gives it too Shady 30 times for a win). That’s about as optomistic as I’m getting, as I’ve already chalked up the season as a waste and really just want to see the giants shit the bed on national tv.

  13. I fully expect a 4 game winning streak, and by a large margin. Where we get to see the all the “THE DREAM IS ALIVE” headlines in December just so they can stick the dagger in as hard as possible when they lose their last three. It’s been one of those kinds of seasons.

  14. It’s a little past 8:30 p.m and I’m watching a documentary on NatGeo on the JFK assassination. I have no interest whatsoever of watching the Eagles game as I’ve also checked out emotionally on this kennel of mutts and the arrogant fat ogre coaching them. Would I be surprised if the Eagles won tonight, nope not at all, and that’s the dead last thing I want to see happen. I sincerely hope the Giants administer the kill shot and put the Birds out of their misery once and for all so everyone, and I mean EVERYONE can stop this nonsense about the playoffs, a pipe dream that I thought crashed and burned two weeks ago. Go, Giants, GO!

  15. “Would you consider me crazy if I told you that the Eagles were going to win Sunday night? Would it be out of line for me to say that Vince Young is going to lead them on a last minute drive to win the game?”

  16. I think that for his bizarrely clairvoyant prediction, we should officially dub Kyle, “Moonshine Nostradamus”. You would have to be in a special kind of drunken stupor to have that much faith in VY.

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