Idiot Athletes File: Eagles Running Back Dion Lewis Weighs in on Happenings at Penn State

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Eagles running back Dion Lewis weighed in on the Penn State scandal. Hey, what happened up there, anyway?

A quick sampling of responses:

U should focus on returning kicks. Enough there 4 U 2 worry bout

too soon man…focus on running ball back more than 10 yards….

You are an idiot and a disgrace with a comment like this.


He quickly changed his tune:

Screen Shot 2011-11-09 at 7.41.11 PMYeah, that should smooth things over.


8 Responses

  1. Terrible at tweeting just like his kickoff returns. Has that midget made it past the 20 yard line once this year?

  2. Didn’t see anything wrong with what Lewis said. Must’ve been some severly butthurt Penn State fans who blasted him.

  3. Trying to be completely unbiased, I could see myself talking shit if it happened to Pitt. I don’t see the big deal with what he said.

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