In April, The Beaver County Times Predicted This

Written seven months ago:

Worst-case scenario: Sandusky is charged. Then it seems reasonable to wonder: Did Penn State not make an issue of Sandusky's alleged behavior in 1998 in exchange for him walking away from the program at an age premature for most coaches? Did Penn State's considerable influence help get Sandusky off the hook?

Don't kid yourself. That could happen. Don't underestimate the power of Paterno and Penn State in central Pennsylvania when it comes to politicians, the police and the media.

In 1999, Penn State was rid of Sandusky. His rep was unblemished, which allowed him to continue running a charitable foundation that gave him access to underage males. To be a volunteer assistant with a high school football team, thus gaining access to underage males.

If Paterno and Penn State knew, but didn't act, instead facilitating Sandusky's untroubled retirement – are Paterno and Penn State responsible for untoward acts since committed by Sandusky?

This is far from an outrageous hypothesis, especially given the convenient timeline.


Spot on, actually.

The author, Mark Madden, was on 97.3 ESPN in South Jersey today. Listen to it here.


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  1. The Beaver County Times and The Pittsburgh Post Gazette consistently outreported papers in this area during the opening and spread of casino gaming in PA. That got me turned onto those guys, hardcore media investogation, not like the Daily Rag here.

  2. And the disappearance of the Centre County DA in 2005 is connected to this scandal. Don’t kid yourself thinking it’s not. The DA had the chance to stop this in its tracks in 1998 and decided not to prosecute.

  3. @Tmac, absolutely, waiting for that shoe to drop, ultimately that investigation is probably what got them back onto this one.

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