Is This a Picture of Drew Rosenhaus Smack Talking DeSean Jackson to LeSean McCoy?

Screen Shot 2011-11-14 at 6.45.26 PMPhoto: Buzz on Broad

Might be.

Nice work here by our friends (and Broad Street Radio co-hosts) at Buzz on Broad going knee-deep to find this little bit of tid.

Last night, after the Eagles’ laughable loss to the Arizona Cardinals, LeSean McCoy was spotted talking to his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, at Daves & Busters’ on Columbus Blvd.

According to reports, McCoy has twice fired and re-hired Rosenhaus in the last month– so that makes this little chat infinitely more interesting. But the topic of conversation – at least what was heard by BoB’s tipster – wasn’t all about Shady. No, in fact much of the conversation centered on DeSean Jackson, says the tipster: [Buzz on Broad]

Rosenhaus was heard saying that he was "incapable of helping"  Jackson get a new deal because he is not putting up the numbers he did the last two seasons. He went on to say that Jackson should not expect a new deal because of his play. Overall, it appears the conversation revolved almost exclusively around Jackson, as his name was brought up multiple times.


Uh oh. 

McCoy is under contract through 2012, but there’s no doubt that him and his rubber band-man legs are going to be looking for an extension after this season. Presumably, McCoy wanted to know how Rosenhaus could help him when the agent couldn’t help Jackson restructure his contract with the Eagles.

Now, we always toss a little salt (sometimes pepper, too) on stories like this, since you’re never quite sure of the context. But, if Ronsehaus – never the quiet talker – did sell out one of his high-profile clients to continue his courtship of McCoy, an even higher-profile client… well, then D-Jac ain’t gon b happy, yo.

Earlier, it was reported by Howard Eskin that Jackson is near-broke and using Rosenhaus’ credit card

Welcome to the slippery, slimy world of NFL representation.

Buzz on Broad has the full story on Rosenhaus’ post-game rendezvous with McCoy. We'll likely never know the exact details of the conversation, but for what it’s worth, Rosenhaus appears to be wearing the same thing he had on while on the sidelines yesterday.

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