UPDATE: High Schooler Said Sandusky Recruited Him This Spring, Now His School Says Otherwise

UPDATE 2: WYFF4 updates their story:

Friday Update: WYFF News 4 has called and emailed Penn State to find out if Sandusky was still scouting or recruiting for Penn State recently in the Upstate. No one from the University has commented.

Ah Ching’s coach, Greer High School’s Will Young, says he is not aware anyone representing Penn State attended a spring game.

Ah Ching stands by his story that Sandusky was in the stands.


UPDATE: Ah Ching's high school athletic director says Ching is lying. Penn State football reporter Ben Jones:

Screen Shot 2011-11-11 at 5.11.49 PMAh yes, the old make up interest to get an offer routine. Suckling at the teet of disaster. Dirty, Ching. Ching.

Original post on Ching is after the jump.

Now this:

Sandusky was actively recruiting for Penn State this year. In the spring, he visited Ah Ching at his South Carolina high school. [WYFF4 via SB Nation]

Ranked last year by ESPNU as the 26th linebacker prospect in the country, Ah Ching said he was paid a visit by Penn State's former assistant coach, Jerry Sandusky.

“He came to my last spring game going into my senior season. He liked how I moved, laterally, and how gifted I am,” said Ah Ching.

But days after Sandusky was charged with sexually abusing young boys, leading to the firing of football coach Joe Paterno and university President Graham Spanier, Ah Ching scratched Penn State off his list of where he'd continue his football career.


So, yeah, not only was Sandusky allowed to hang around the school and program long after Joe Paterno and university officials knew of allegations against him (and testified to a grand jury), but he may have been recruiting for the school, presumably with its consent.


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  1. Penn State put out a statement saying they were not recruiting him and actually never heard of the kid. I believe this is a high school player who is using this terrible scandal to bring awareness upon himself. Terrible.

  2. Ohhhh, so now McQueary has been placed on administrative leave. Too bad he wasn’t placed on the surface of the fucking sun instead.

  3. Tweet from Joe Starkey, columnist for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and an afternoon radio host on 93.7 The Fan…
    @JoeStarkey1: Greer H.S. athletic director Travis Perry strongly denies that Sandusky was ever at Adam Ah Ching’s practice or games …
    I’m not a reporter, but good place to start to disprove this post

  4. do you think only athletes are scratching PSU off their list – every HS senior in the country will also.
    Every Junior or lower at PSU will be trying to get out. This economy already sucks for new grads, who wants to have PSU on their resume?
    The lawsuits are going be outrageous.
    Student population is going to dwindle.
    Contributions will dry up.
    Faculty will run.
    Neverland East will be closed in a decade.

  5. Well played, Dan. Penn State didn’t put out statement, but kid’s high school just said he was lying. Updated.

  6. I asked if I could make it worse by swimming. He said, “probably not, but we don’t really know. If you do make it worse, we think it could be easily fixed.” Hmmm. I’ll hold off on swimming for the next few weeks and then give it another shot. I’m also having trouble holding my upper body weight on the bike; hopefully PT can help with that as well.

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