Jim Boeheim Verbally Smacks Joe Paterno

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If there’s one thing the sex abuse allegations against Syracuse assistant Bernie Fine have shown us, it's that a proper and swift response by the offending organization (university) can keep the media at bay… at least until all the facts come out. Perhaps no response or statement could have saved Penn State from total shame, but responses like the ones coming out of Syracuse certainly would have helped calm the hysteria a bit.

And yes, sometimes those statements can be direct shots at others. Jim Boeheim set Joe Paterno in his sights, and fired: [Syracuse.com]

“What?” he asked. “I can’t support a friend of 50 years? I hope that’s not the case. Some people have said that if these allegations are true, I should be fired. Why? Because Bernie Fine is my friend and I support him? I don’t have any reason not to. 

I’m not Joe Paterno. Somebody didn’t come and tell me Bernie Fine did something and I’m hiding it. I know nothing. If I saw some reason not to support Bernie, I would not support him. If somebody showed me a reason, proved that reason, I would not support him. But until then, I’ll support him until the day I die.”


So much for that old boys network. Unlike the apologetic Coach K, who pseudo sided with Paterno, Boeheim let loose on the winningest coach in college football history.

Make no mistake, though, Boeheim just tied himself the anchor that is Fine, should the allegations prove to be true. Then again, saying nothing didn’t do much good for Paterno, so perhaps Boeheim is onto something.

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10 Responses

  1. “Somebody didn’t come and tell me Bernie Fine did something and I’m hiding it.”
    You lie, you fuck. It’s been reported these allegations against Fine have been made multiple times over the past 10 years. So whether they have factual basis or not, you DID have someone tell you Bernie Fine did something. You didn’t come right out and say it… so yeah, you hid it. Lying fuck.
    Not defending JoePa here, but to act all high and mighty like that when you don’t know the facts… just shut the fuck up Boeheim. You’ll look even WORSE than Paterno if it comes out you knew anything.

  2. No doubt Jim Boeheim knew Bernie Fine was doing this for years & is using Joe Pa as a scape goat. He should be fired like Joe Pa

  3. Boeheim either knew Bernie was a boy rapist and just didn’t care or he was in on the action. Either way – he’s got to go.

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