Joe Paterno Has Lung Cancer

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We joked that we wanted to hear from Scott Paterno again– but not like this. Scott tells the Associated Press that his father has a treatable form of lung cancer.

Scott Paterno issued a brief statement:

"As everyone can appreciate, this is a deeply personal matter for my parents, and we simply ask that his privacy be respected as he proceeds with treatment."


That's it, no additional information at this time. The timing of the announcement is curious, though, as Joe Pa's legacy was recently damaged beyond repair.

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25 Responses

  1. People get cancer. You’re lucky if you are in your 80s when you get it, or find out that you have it. Im a big paterno fan, but this wont change my opinion that he had to go or make me feel sympathy for him. I also think I’ll be in the minority on that one, please see @AH above.

  2. @AH…?? Completely agree with Luke here. It’s no tragedy that he has cancer, whatever, it happens when you are in your 9th decade of life. Watch public opinion sway back in his direction over this, it isn’t right, but I can see it happening.

  3. I’m pretty sure its a tragedy when anyone gets cancer, regardless of age. No matter what your opinion on Paterno’s actions in the last 10 years, anyone who doesn’t hope he recovers, or thinks this is ‘karma’, should really think about what it means to wish cancer on someone or hope they suffer. I pray that anyone with cancer will recover.

  4. I dont think anyone is wishing cancer on him @confused. My wife who doesnt smoke has throat cancer at 30. Joe Pa is 84 and has lung cancer. On a sliding scale, I am sure we could rate which is more tragic. The timing of this announcement is bull shit and I like IKK’s perspective on the matter.

  5. love joe pa, hope that his treatment goes well. he is an amazing man with many, many accomplishments in his life…a feat which 100% of the haters will never attain in their lifetimes.

  6. He most likely came down with the disease when his player knocked him down at practice. Or when he suddenly realized his “legacy” has devolved into a lunacy.
    Or something.
    PSU Alum: my sister-in-law has a serious form of cancer, she is 38 years old. If she doesn’t make it she leaves behind two little children. This and your story, among so many others, are the heartbreakers. Prayers for their recovery.

  7. i think its safe to say that none of the people that love him (not the just the haters) will ever be the winningest coach in college football history.

  8. My wife has thyroid cancer at 30 yrs old, son 3 months old (was featured on CB @ 3 days old for shitting himself over a pence HR). Thyroid cancer is one of the most treatable forms out there, but I still feel like I’ll say what I want on the matter given she still needs more surgery, pills for the rest of her life and potential future child birth issues.

  9. @PSU Alum: He was diagnosed last Saturday. Would you rather he announce it then? Both rape and cancer are horrible and not comparable. I wouldn’t wish either onto anybody. I’m sorry to hear about your wife. I’ll pray for her just like I pray for anyone with cancer. I don’t know if there is a sliding scale of tragedy, many tragedies can’t be compared to each other. I’ll also be praying for the kids. I would hope everyone will pray for the quick healing of everyone involved in this terrible situation.

  10. Whoa, whoa, whoa…wife 30, son 3 months, featured on cb @ 3 days old, hunter pence = #3. What the hell is going on here?
    I feel you @confused. its an emotional one this thing right here.

  11. More Scott Paterno please. Maybe dedicate a thread to him each day. Pictures of what he’s doing and such. Heard he bought up all the tubs of the now discontinued “Sandusky Blitz” ice cream flavor from the creamery.

  12. Yeah need more Scott, that fat fuck is the only good thing about this scandal.
    Also sports by brooks is reporting urban Meyer is going to Ohio St.

  13. I watched my mother literally waste away and die from lung cancer eighteen years ago. At the end, she wasn’t living, but merely existing. Trust me, I wouldn’t wish that horror on my worst enemy, so I hope Joe manages to get through his own health crisis.

  14. die you old fuck. burn in hell and i hope the day of you never reporting on that shit and following up on it with police burns your skin over and over again.

  15. We all knew joe was gunna die once he stopped coaching football. Im surprised he didn’t bite it the day after he was fired.

  16. Hey guess what? He’s an old man who was recently and irreparably disgraced. His having cancer doesn’t change any of that, even if it complicates the emotions involved. He’s accomplished a lot, but managed to reduce that to a “big whoop,” with his antics of the last ten years. It is sad, any way you slice it.
    Now please, STFU. Too many of you sickos can’t help yourself from taking the pitifully easy way out. Every time you back Paterno’s legacy in the way that you do, you CONVENIENTLY sweep away the awareness that little children were damaged under this man’s “watch.”
    Go fuck yourselves.

  17. Howard’s left crutch, what the hell are, “police burns?” Maybe, if you’d like your message to be appropriately accepted, that is, you could indulge in some punctuation..

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