Joe Paterno is Out

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Joe Paterno is out. Graham Spanier is out.

This is how it ends.

The Penn State Board of Trustees met this evening and announced that Paterno will not coach another game for the Nittany Lions. He was told of his dismissal over the phone.

Assistant coach Tom Bradley will be the interim head coach. Mike McQueary is still on the coaching staff.

This whole situation is just sad. There’s probably not another word for it.

Riot police are reportedly outside Joe Pa's house.

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  1. this is not right. the board caved and looked out for themselves instead of the man that made what they govern what it is.

  2. The students deserve less distractions by having him out. The children deserved for someone to step up, including Joe Pa. With what we know, its incomprehensible how those connected to this can be defended by anyone. Disgraceful cover up just to protect Penn State’s name. It is embarassing as a society that we can’t even trust people to protect young, innocent children.

  3. He doesn’t deserve better. It’s partially his fault this happened. I’m a Penn State fan and this was the right thing to do. He could’ve been a hero ten years ago if he would’ve said something to the AD. Makes me sick.

  4. Excuse me are you all retarded ???? Didn’t those LITTLE BOUS deserve to not be RAPED AND MOLESTED ??? You all are caring about fucking FOOTBALL !!! Give me a break. How can you all support them and support HIM when you should be thinking about those VICTIMS !!! Remember them ???!?!

  5. I really don’t like how Mcbaldy has no anwsers as to what was to be gained by firing Joe Pa now. This has been handled in the worst possible way since the scandal broke.

  6. My whole family went to Penn State. We all believe that Joe Pa should finish the season. I don’t think anybody here knows how much he has done for PSU. He has devoted his life to that school, and now will die broken hearted feeling like a failure. Put yourself in his shoes for a second and stop listening to the news hype this up. 62 years of greatness, now ruined. Yes, I believe he could have done something, but was it really his job to report it? He made a mistake, I agree, but for crying out loud, let him finish the season with the little honor he has left!

  7. How does McQueary keep his job? What a coward this guy is, he should have kicked the shit out of this monster, ended it all right there and he just walks away. How does he live with himself? Meanwhile he will still be there coaching? WTF?

  8. @john – wait am I the only HUMAN being who likes sports who is NOT thinking about fucking FOOTBALL. Is FOOTBALL more important than all those little boys lives ?? So he can have his DIGNITY ??! Really what is WRONG with you ?? They don’t deserve ANYTHING.

  9. This is obviously much more about the football program. He was rightfully fired. If anyone else in any position was in this situation they would have been fired immediately. This decision needed to be made to protect the university as a whole not just the football program. The next course of action that needs to be made is to remove everyone else involved in this scandal. In situations like this the biggest leaders always fall first and Joe Pa is obviously the largest. Justice prevailing for the victims is what is most important and this was one of the first steps.

  10. For any person to sit there and say he shouldn’t have been fired immediately, let alone it taking this long to do it, and should still be coaching, all because you went to PSU or have some affiliation with it, are in desperate need of a reality check. He let other boys get raped by his close friend and colleague after being given explicit information about his torturous and predatory ways. Everybody who allowed it to continue ‘deserve’ nothing but the shame and humiliation that non-psu fans and allum clearly see.
    It’s already been said, but the whole thing is worse than pathetic.

  11. Um paterno didn’t turn his back on the 10 year old. He notified administrators and believed they would do their job(isn’t that a shock….it’s wrong to think they would do their job). What paterno did was the legal thing to do and everyone says it was wrong to not follow up on the case. Yet you can’t follow up on the case that is confidential even doctors I know that are involved with these situations can’t follow up on cases. On another note. I hate the psi trustees. I don’t even wanna be a fan anymore…. U stupid trustees I have an entire psu room and now have to spend money to change it and my wardrobe that consists of all Penn state stuff.

  12. You all lay the blame almost soley on Paterno, like he was the only one who had a chance to say something. I understand that had he never called the police, like the other what, four people involved, he should have at least followed up or confronted that sick fuck Sandusky face to face. He was wrong to try to just let it slide, but he should have known it wasnt taken care of when Sandusky was still there. The same can be said for those higher up than JoePa, too, so I dont understand why all this hate is being placed on him. There are too many variables involved.

  13. Five….Five….Five dollar foot lonnnnnng…Godamn you Subway sandwich song maker.

  14. Media witch hunts sicken me. Nobody has stopped speaking joe paternos name, no one even brings up Sandusky being he was the monster that committed the crime, joe Paterno was not indicted, we don’t even have all the evidence and the investigation isn’t even finished. I’m sickened at how there is so much joy when something bad happens to something so good. It shouldn’t have ended this way. I love how EVERYONE now has a moral compass and Joe didnt do the right thing ” morally ” what a subjective way to judge an act. This is a sad sad night.

  15. I agree nobody has done more for Penn State then Joe Pa. He even took part in covering up the rape and molestation of countless children to maintain the image of his beloved school and football team.
    Mcqueery or whatever that cowards name is should be fired as well because it sure seems like he kept his mouth shut for job security.
    I wish everyone involved a slow agonizing death. People like this are te reason that awful things like this exist.

  16. @chris totally agree. JoePa did a great job being such a figurehead for PSU when he covered up for Sandusky. And oh there a SPECIAL kind of hate I’m reserving for him when his time comes. Hopefully somebody will take care of it when he goes to jail. And he suffers like those little boys. Get over your god damn football team
    Im so on JoePa because the people involved need to pay. Who WOUDLNT go to the police ? WHO ??! Thats where he failed and Spanier got fired too and he deserves it just as much ! And so will those other three bastards when justice is served. ESPECIALLY sandusky !

  17. What is wrong with these people who are supporting the school and Paterno. No one is talking and Sandusky because he is going to court and will likely never get out of prison. There is no witch hunt – PATERNO ALLOWED CHILDREN TO BE RAPED!!! I have a real issue with what is being taught at PSU and will seriously have to consider ever hiring a graduate of the school.

  18. By JoePa’s own admission today (albeit one probably written with the help of a PR firm), he should have done more.
    He didn’t do enough to help Sandusky’s victims, and now he’s gone.
    It’s tragic, but he was the author of his own fate.

  19. What is wrong with PSU-
    You should lose your job if you base your hiring decisions on the actions of a few affiliated with a school. Ever hear of a thing called THON? Probably not. It’s just the SINGLE LARGEST STUDENT RUN PHILANTHROPY IN THE WORLD. Guess who it benefits? KIDS with cancer. The school does a phenomenal job, and to base some type of employment decision on this scandal is ridiculous and I can only hope you are not in a hiring position much longer.

  20. I don’t think we know all the facts. You’re telling me that a man like Joe Pa, a man with that track record, knowingly and willingly turned his back on this situation? I have a hard time believeing that. We don’t know Joes side of the story, he could have called multiple times. The authorities could have said “Joe, we’re investigating, we’ve got it covered, go write up some plays” we don’t know everything yet.
    Joe heard a report of what someone saw. You try calling the police with a third person account and say “My friend just told me this guy broke into someones house” and see what the cops say to you.
    You’re telling me that Sandusky was SO special that these four men would cover something so disgusting and wrong up? I doubt it.
    2+2 does not = 4 here.
    Something is up, this doesnt add up.

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