Joe Paterno’s Name Removed From Big Ten Trophy

The fallout continues.

CBSSports’ Brett Murphy reports that the Big Ten has decided to remove Joe Paterno’s name from the league’s trophy.

Here’s league commissioner Jim Delany: [CBS Sports]

“We believe that it would be inappropriate to keep Joe Paterno’s name on the trophy at this time. The trophy and its namesake are intended to be celebratory and aspirational, not controversial. We believe that it’s important to keep the focus on the players and the teams that will be competing in the inaugural championship game.”


This is just one of many small – yet poignant – reminders of a legacy that will be forever tarnished.


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  1. “This is just one of many small – yet poignant – reminders of a legacy that will be forever tarnished.” Come on, dude, this is anything but small.

  2. Guilty until proven innocent.
    Hopefully this was a top down cover up, with threats made against Paterno’s job.
    That way Paterno can sue the pants off the University and the State of PA, including Corbett.

  3. yo mikebiff. big ten football is a joke and nobody gives a shit about it. nobody would have noticed if they didn’t say anything

  4. Mike- we’re talking about child rape and a man’s legacy, this is a college sports trophy. it hardly matters in the big picture.

  5. You’re right, Kyle. As Paterno’s legacy is crumbling around him, removing his name from the Championship Trophy is pretty insignificant. SMH

  6. All of the controversy aside, imagine what Joe must be thinking.
    Imagine working your entire life, putting 61 years of your heart and soul into one thing. Living, breathing and eating that one single thing for over six decades, and then having it all end like this.
    I’m with dino7… I’m hoping this was a top-down coverup and Joe gets some vindication. Sure, he still should have done more, IF he was aware of what was really going on.
    The guy has been senile for years. He was about 74 when he might have first heard about the shower situation from McQueary. How forthcoming was McQueary with what he really saw? Did he just describe it as “horseplay”, which was what the testimony from both he AND Joe was?
    My point is, did Joe REALLY know the extent of what was going on? Wouldn’t common sense say that a man of his character and integrity want to do more to stop the situation?
    In the case of JoePa, it all seems to be a case of an elderly man caught up in a situation that he is no longer capable of handling or fully understanding.
    The man couldn’t even conduct a phone interview with a sports radio show in Tampa, BECAUSE HE COULDN’T HEAR THEM THROUGH THE PHONE!.
    I’m not defending JoePa, however I do think there is far more to this story than meets the eye, and I’m hoping we get the entire truth soon, no matter what the truth is.

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