Welcome to the Dykstra Zone, where nothing – nothing – will surprise you. I just got done reading the Jerry Sandusky grand jury presentment, so, unfortunately, anything Lenny Dykstra related seems tame and – almost – normal.

According to reports, Dykstra has bailed on his scheduled boxing match against Jose Canseco. Dan Gross, master of gossip at Philly.com, says that he spoke with both Dykstra and promoter Damon Feldman. Feldman told Gross that Lenny was paid $5,000 on Thursday, and due another $10,000 tonight.

Dykstra said he would call Gross back. As of writing this (8:30 Sat.), he has not yet returned the call, according to Gross.

Now, there are two ways to go with this. One is that Dykstra continues to defy the laws of accountability by bailing on a paid publicity stunt, one that doubles as a halfway house for the belly button lint of our society. 

The other is that Dykstra never planned to fight… and Feldman knew it. Having his name atop the fight card brought much needed attention to an event that featured Octomom. I’m actually more inclined to think this was the case, because I’m sure that if given the chance, Lenny is exactly dumb enough to show up and get punched in the head for $10,000.

We’ll have any unfortunate updates, if there are any.