Here’s Jerry Sandusky Outside His House Yesterday Wearing a Penn State Jacket


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  1. This creep’s wife has to be the Mayor of Zombietown. Didn’t she think it was abnormal for him to be spending so much free time with little boys? And making nocturnal visits to their bedroom when they stayed overnight at the Sandusky house?
    And then they went and adopted six kids. I wonder if the adopted kids can disown their perv old man.
    (“Hey Coach, we’re just working on wrestling moves!”-
    Sandusky to high school wrestling coach when caught on floor with Victim 1.)

  2. dude you’re really milking the shit out of this aren’t you? thanks for reposting a picture that’s been on every website in the world already

  3. This is disgusting. Take that jacket off Sandusky you piece of shit, nobody hates you more right now than Penn State, this is like Osama bin Laden wearing a t-shirt that says USA on it.

  4. Take that logo OFF!!! What an absolute MONSTER this man is. I am appalled that this PERVERT would have the audacity to still wear that Nittany Lion head which symbolizes a University’s commitment to integrity. A school that I have so much pride in has had its clean reputation tarnished for decades by this psychopath, not to mention the children (already in socioeconomic troubles) who he’s destroyed forever.

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