Michael Vick Has Two Broken Ribs

Screen Shot 2011-11-14 at 12.29.48 PMPhoto from last year's rib injury

Andy Reid’s post-loss press conferences are quickly becoming one of my favorite things. He sits there like Jabba the Hutt while the media gathers like tiny mice, hurling cake forks into Big Red, who just absorbs each one with a deep breath and continues on the path to saying nothing.

Anyway, that horrible visual aside, Michael Vick has two broken ribs.

This isn’t surprising to most who watched Vick take a hard hit late in yesterday’s game, but Reid said Vick broke his lower two ribs on the second play of the game. It’s uncertain whether he’ll play this week or not.

Listen to Andy’s usual terse presser after the jump.


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14 Responses

  1. i fucking LOVE how he keeps getting injured. i just love it. eagles brass needs to bring some integrity back to the team.

  2. 100 Million and there is not a single game where he has come off the field limping, holding or shaking something.

  3. Vick is gonna get really hurt (if 2 broken ribs is not enough) soon enough…this Eagles team better realize they do not have a winning formula going right now…they are essentially out of the playoffs, and need to reassess there LONG TERM future NOW. Losing to the Cardinals in that lackluster of a performance should be the final straw….
    This team is truly mediocre at best…and AGAIN we are wasting the talents of one of the top 5 RBs in the game with McCoy……so sad…but until Reid is gone….this team will continue to build you up, then let you down…..

  4. This probably explains why he looked so bad yesterday throwing the ball. I know he is not a perfect passer, but he was just bad yesterday. It didn’t help that the receivers used gloves made of stone too.

  5. the fact that he played with broken ribs and didn’t say a word is enough for me to wanting him leading the eagles

  6. Yes, chicharito, since he’s been so successful at leading this offense this year…you know, with all the 4th quarter comebacks and …oh, wait…

  7. you’re a dumbass. they have one of the best offenses. do you not remember one of the greatest comebacks of all time last year? it’s not his fault the defense blows and can’t hold opposing team when he puts points on the board. watch the fucking film and stop complaining

  8. the bears game was two weeks ago you moron. your going to judge a player off two weeks. he played with two broken ribs on sunday and still played well if his fucking wr’s could run a decent route or a catch fucking ball. bandwagon fan’s need to go away

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