Mike McQueary Played in Jerry Sandusky’s Charity Golf Outing After Watching Him Rape a Boy in the Shower

What a joke.

Mike McQueary, who has played the poor me card up until this point, now has some more explaining to do. Yesterday, police denied McQueary’s claim that he contacted them after witnessing the alleged rape on March 1, 2002. Now, it turns out, McQueary played in charity flag-football game – with Jerry Sandusky as coach – on March 23 of the same year, according to the Sporting News

There’s more, too. Look: [Sporting News]

Less than three months later, on June 21, 2002, McQueary played in a celebrity golf tournament benefiting Sandusky’s charity, The Second Mile, according to citizensvoice.com.

McQueary played in Sandusky's golf tournament again in 2003 and played in another flag football game with Sandusky coaching in April 2004.


Yeah, see, that's weird. That's not like seeing your aunt naked and then feeling uncomfortable at family parties. No, McQueary saw Sandusky raping a 10-year-old boy and continued to hang around and support him (his charity). Not only didn’t he go to police (according to… the police), but he also continued to participate in events attended and sponsored by Sandusky.

What’s more, on March 23 and for all the events thereafter, the university knew about Sandusky’s alleged actions and continued to participate in, sponsor, coordinate, and work with him and his charity. What the hell is wrong with these people?

H/T to J.T.

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37 Responses

  1. I said it before and I’ll say it again: They should all face jail time. Not only that, but I’ll bet Sandusky faces LESS jail time than Vick did.

  2. Mikebiff, that’s because you’ll never understand that animals are 100% more important than humans, especially vulnerable children.

  3. Given the university’s placement of McQueary on administrative leave RATHER than straight up firing him, I’m willing to hold off judgement on him for the moment, but just barely. I think Penn State would have canned him with Joe Pa unless they had a damn good reason not to.
    As for Joe Pa, Curley, and Schultz – they’ve all done things that are worthy of persecution and/or prosecution. Sandusky should obviously burn in hell.
    The golf outings and flag football games are questionable and all, but the truth of the matter is, we don’t have the full story on any of this. I’ve read the Grand Jury report, and it’s pretty damning. But given what’s surfaced in the media, I think there’s a whole lot more to this than has already been released. It’s a legitimate possibility that the cops are just as corrupt up there as the administrators and some of the community. Hell, one of the victims went to his nurse at school, and the school refused to call the cops. WTF? If you can’t go administrators and you to the cops, who do you go to?

  4. Reading this post made me wonder why McQ even bothered to give testimony about witnessing the rape. There’s a link in the Sporting News story to a NYT piece about how McQ was even identified as an eyewitness: It was an item on an internet forum that captured investigators’ attention.
    “This had been weighing on him for a very long time, and our guys felt he was relieved to get it off his chest,” one law enforcement official said. “When he had the opportunity to make it right, he told the truth.”
    A very troubling circumstance reported in the NYT story: that travel and expense records of Second Mile staffers from 2000 to 2003 had gone missing.

  5. So, either:
    A) McQueary is a soulless bastard without a conscience, who was willing to look past what he saw Sandusky doing to that kid in the shower, to support him and his charitable work
    B) Whatever McQueary saw in the shower was mostly fabricated, and for whatever reason decided to lie about exactly what he saw – which is starting to make sense – because how the hell could you live with yourself by not doing something more to stop the situation and help those kids.
    God this thing just gets more confusing every day. Nothing is adding up with this McQueary guy anymore.

  6. You know I bet these guys; Sandusky, Paterno, McQueary, Curly, Shultz and the whole nine yards are really worked up and having problems sleeping at night. Anyway we can get Conrad Murry to pay each one of them a house call to end this misery once and for all?

  7. Everything about this case fails the smell test.
    PSU is exempt from open records laws (as of 2007 when Spanier lobbied before the State leg) – every reporter in the country is being cut off at the knees requesting records from PSU campus police, yet now they issue a statement that McQ never spoke to them.
    JoePa transfers ownership of his home in the summer – numerous estate planners say they never heard of this for elderly couples.
    the 1999 retirement of Sandusky
    the missing DA – his dead brother
    the judge with ties to 2nd mile
    every nook and cranny of this case fails the smell test

  8. Perhaps nobody around him was doing anything about this, including cops that he talked to who didn’t file a report (police are saying they have no records of a police report, which doesn’t mean he didn’t talk to cops)…
    And perhaps his presence when Sandusky was at these events was possibly something that mcqueary did to ensure that Sandusky didn’t try to pull some rape. Sandusky knew that Mcqueary saw him, and he prolly wasnt willing to put the moves on any kids with mcqueary looking over his shoulder. Just another possibility equally as possible. Until we know what happened its all speculation. Some want to assume the worst, and some want to assume the best. Lets just demand the truth instead of jumping to conclusions (but speculation can help bring the truth out of people).

  9. whats a real shame is that McQueary could really damage that prosecutions case. There are lots of contradiction in his story coming out and the Defense could really poke holes in him on the stand

  10. This guys a pile of trash and should be strung up by his thumbs to a helicopter propeller thats about to be turned on.

  11. I’m starting to think that McQ may have been Sanduskied as a kid – they did live close and McQ was a footballer and most likely PSU star-struck – maybe he got the grand tour of the athletic dept. as a kid
    the “horsing-around” version – he saw something close and took the opportunity he was afriad to as a kid
    I’m waiting for Sandusky’s people to come out with his abused childhood story – by Curly Lambeau or Knute Rockne
    a whole new meaning to “take one for the Gipper”

  12. movie in the works
    “Horsing Around”
    Seth Green is a midget
    McQ – David Caruso
    Sandusky – James Cromwell
    JoePa – Al Pacino

  13. its sad how backwards all these men are. i DON’T think i’d be playing fucking FOOTBALL with a dude after i saw him in the shower with a little boy.. whether they were just “slapping towels” or not !!
    i’m sure this goes way beyond these five or six men.. how could it not?
    wow. people still amaze me.. i am ALSO on suicide watch.. i’m not sure who would be first.

  14. second title
    “Pray for the Kids”
    did it strike anoyone else as strange
    that when JoePA found out he was fired
    the same JoePa who knew of no sexual misconduct other than something made McQ uncomfortable
    that JoePA
    who knew nothing of Sandusky’s 30+ year Neverland East Horsing Around Tour
    that JoePA – said “Pray for the Kids”
    what for Joe ? why pray for kids if nothing ever happened to them under your nose

  15. I was at the flag football game in 2004. McQueary was practicing taking snaps from a bent over Sandusky before the game. They both make me sick.

  16. I really wish you’d find new material. I really think your blog sucks now that 90% of it is rehashing old Penn State news.
    Can we get back to Philly sports now please?

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