Mike McQueary Won’t Coach on Saturday

This is hardly surprising. Statement from Penn State:

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. – Due to multiple threats made against Assistant Coach Mike McQueary, the University has decided it would be in the best interest of all for Assistant Coach McQueary not to be in attendance at Saturday's Nebraska game.


Smart move. 24 hours late.

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15 Responses

  1. I heard from a Penn State source that McQueary told his fellow GAs about what he witnessed in the shower, one day after he went to Paterno’s house. The GAs then brought this to the attention of their coaches at the next staff meeting, the coaches told them not to worry about it, that the situation was being handled. That means all the coaches knew what happened, including Tom Bradley. Knowing this, it was so offensive to hear that bitch talking about “now we can begin to heal” at his press conference. He wasn’t too worried about Sandusky’s rape victim healing in 2002, was he?

  2. They’re not letting him coach because of threats…well that’s bogus.
    Hey McQueary, I assure you pal, if I see someone beating you up or violating your butt hole, I’ll be sure to run away and call my dad.

  3. Apparently the only reason he hasn’t been fired yet is because PSU can control him and what he can say while he’s still an employee. Once the season is over look for all hell to break loose. McQueary, Bradley, etc. all will be gone and that ginger faggot will tell his pussy side of the story.

  4. They all knew… believe it. Think about at your jobs or schools what happens when something like this occurs. People TALK. By the end of the day each person has some knowledge of what happened. Of course Bradley knew. The only person who may not have known is LJ Sr. They probably didn’t let the brother in on it.

  5. Hey McQueer-y
    next time you see a child being raped
    1 – stop it
    2 – call 9-1-1
    you fucking coward
    you couldn’t have stopped an old man – yelled, did something
    then you see this guy on campus for nine years always in the company of kids and you do NOTHING –
    burn in hell along with the rest of the PSU scumbags

  6. McQueary – now why would this piece of honorless shit be allowed to remain on the payroll, eh? How can the fucking douchebag board of trustees not terminate this cowardly vermin? That makes NO SENSE. ANYONE who runs to tell the FOOTBALL COACH that a kid is being raped instead of TELLING THE POLICE, and worse, instead of BREAKING THAT SHIT UP AND STOMPING THE PERP’S FACE IN AND BRAINS OUT RIGHT THERE ON THE SPOT IS GUILTY OF CHILD ABUSE every bit as much as the rapist is. WTF.

  7. I wonder what kind of meal Joe & Scott Paterno will treat themselves to for the Nebraska game sat

  8. Anyone who sees a child being raped and does NOTHING right then and there to save that baby is just as GUILTY as the old fuck that commited the act. And anyone who knew this was taking place for all those years, and did not PUT A STOP TO IT is also just as GUILTY. How many CHILDREN could have been saved if just ONE of those sick fucks had morals and spoke up??? JUST AS GUILTY – may they all rot in hell.

  9. Scott Paterno knew in 2002 as well. He’s been so stressed out about it he nearly ate himself to death.

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