More Halloween: T.I. Dressed Up as… Michael Vick

Screen Shot 2011-11-01 at 1.49.46 PM

Really? The faux black jersey?

Somewhere, a Red Bull marketing associate is stroking himself.

TMZ has a full gallery, including a statement from Michael Vick (yes, there are statements for such things):

“T.I. is a talented artist and I appreciate his support. I wish him success in everything he does.” 


I don't have to tell you what they both have in common.

H/T to (@Wheaties)

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8 Responses

  1. I wish the Eagles would go to that jersey as their Alternate with some type of matching black helmet… Take a page straight out of Oregon’s book.

  2. “If one has to die, I should think November would be the best month for it. I should think there is nothing very bad about dying except for the people one has to leave and the things one hasn’t had the time to do. When the time comes, if I know what it is all about, I suppose I shall think, among other things, of the fish I haven’t caught and the places I haven’t fished.”

  3. They’re teaching your kid Centering Prayer instead of the rosary at your parish, and you don’t like it. The Catholic university you went to, The Catholic politician you voted for has just endorsed gay marriage, and your pastor sits during communion while other folks distribute the hosts. You thought the Holy Father was going to do something about all these things, eventually, but he seems pretty content to be a good example and let it go at that. His promising beginning has just about petered out (heh). You ask an SSPX friend what he thinks. He says, “Collegiality,” and you hand him a tissue.

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