Morning Puck: Screwed by Elias

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So it was not to be. For the second night in a row, the Flyers got themselves into trouble after obtaining an early lead. On Wednesday, they were able to hang on for the 3-2 victory against the Buffalo Sabres. Last night, however, the Devils erased the Flyers’ 2-0 lead and won the game in a shootout when long-time Devil that goddamn assassin, Patrick Elias, slipped a Devils’ win under Sergei Bobrovsky’s left leg. For sad.

It wasn’t all bad, though.

It was an entertaining hockey game, and certainly a lot better than the alternative– watching the Union struggle to finish like a band geek who’s yet to “learn her own body” (graphic, but true. mostly). For realsies, I don’t know much about soccer (I’m trying), but their strategy for the series amounted to: go deep to Le Toux. It was the futbol equivalent of throwing hail marys to DeSean Jackson for four quarters. Only if DeSean Jackson were lanky. And French.

Nice strategy, Nowak.


Back to the hockey game.

It wasn’t all bad. Zac Rinaldo scored his first NHL goal on a sweet pass from Sean Couturier. Rinaldo celebrated by punching out the ref for “pointing at him that way.”

Max Talbot scored on a penalty shot in which he used his circle the airport move– drifting wide, in front of the Devils’ bench, then slicing across the slot.

It went a lot better than his other penalty shot:

“Yeah, well it’s the second one of my career. I had one last year or two years ago. And missing that by about 5 feet, it was nice to have a second chance and actually put it in the net.” 


Jaromir Jagr showed of his moves – again – using a modified version of Talbot’s circle the airport. He swung wide, went behind the net, mesmerized the defense, and hit a lonely Claude Giroux, who put the cookies he was baking into the oven before slamming the puck into the back of the wide open net

And it was nice to see the Pennsylvania Lottery brought back their holiday commercial for the 19th straight year. Really.*

*My dad told me that he thought it’s been on since before he got married (1980), but, according to some guy on YouTube, it started airing in 1992. 1992. In 1992, Lenny Dykstra was still alive.

Now the ugly parts.

The Flyers blew their first lead by playing awful for most of the second period. The Devils fired 21 shots, the third-most they’ve ever had in one period against the Flyers, and most since 1997.

Then the CSN Philly coach showed up…

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Immediate Twitter reaction:


it made me bite my arm til i was bleeding and kick my dog in the face….ok i lied about the dog part but i thought about it



I would purchase every web-capable device to log onto CSN Philly if they had the Ice Girls promoting it and not that douche



Can we tie up "Hip-Hop", hide him somewhere in South America and send the "CSN Coach" to go find him?


AP's Dan Gelston

Fleetwood Mac would be proud. CSN Philly coach needs to go first over hip hop in a Landslide



so forced, so uncomfortable. Makes the Stan Lee superhero project last year look good. 


Don’t worry, we’ll have much more on this later…

In the shootout, Danny Briere scored his Luis Mendoza goal (video here) before Elias scored the winner and continued his dominance of the Flyers (his 32 goals are the most against any team).

Quote of the day? Bill Clement on Postgame Live:

"I'm surprised they [Flyers] had any toes left because they were shooting their own feet left and right."


The wasn’t Clement's lone highlight, though. He came back from break on the phone: 

Screen Shot 2011-11-04 at 9.43.42 AM

Video of that and highlights are after the jump. Your photo gallery is here. JVR is day-to-day. Anthony SanFilippo has a list of confirmed Alumni game players. David Gryzbowski interviews Clement.


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15 Responses

  1. Talbots move=The NHL 95. He went with the side slot slide, but you can also use it with a wrap around for extra effectiveness.

  2. Hey Kyle-
    Any idea if they use goalies for the alumni game? Who’s gonna be back, Parent or Hextall?

  3. I had the post game on while I was doing some stuff around the house, and the panel (Boruk, Clement, Coates) basically mocked Voracek at the end of the show for being completely invisible all season. I was surprised how overt they were about it, but I don’t disagree!

  4. Jesus christ, that fucking lottery commercial… happy holidays rita… and im still not sure what that guy is saying in the mobile food window.. i think it’s “what a great gift”??

  5. Matt – if it’s between the two I would think it would be Parent since Hextall is in the Kings’ front office.

  6. i could have sworn i read somewhere that hextall will not play due to some injury????? hoping i’m wrong. would nice to see him play. just thought i saw he wasn’t going to

  7. Saw the roster last night, and you can add the following names to his list: Roenick, Watson, Howe, Marsh, and Hatcher, along with Coach Quinn.
    I’m so excited for this game. What a great event for the fans. Hoepfully a lot of people get to go and enjoy.
    Let’s Go Flyers!!

  8. Wow- didn’t know if that CSN Coach irked anyone else as much as he irks me haha. Those commercials are annoying, but tolerable, since they’ll come to an end after about 30 seconds. It seemed like the cameras kept finding the coach in the crowd every 2 and a half minutes. I honestly don’t want to see him anymore.

  9. I think it would be hilarious to have Beezer play one period for the Rangers and one period for the Flyers. Same with Bob Frose.

  10. “For sad”? “For realsies”? Tell Ms. CB to give you back yer nads (if you’ve ever had them).
    And yeah, too much exposhure of that pervy CSN twitter guy all night long. Shytecan him for a hot broad. And that punk on the left fingering his chin the whole time gives me the creeps still thinking about it.
    And WTF is with Simmonds? And why did Lavs choose him for the shootout? He sucked all night long; too slow and the few times he was fast enough he was too predicktable. There are other guys who played much better to earn the shot.
    Still can’t believe how that shot by Ellieyosh sneaked under Bobs pads, but what killed them was more of that shytty D-Zone clearing attempts (CARLE!) leading goals on the turnover. On the positive side they still notch up a point with everyone taking turns with the injury bug, and Bobs played pretty good when you figure the number and the kind of shots he faced all night. And for being 4-4-2 in their last 10 they’re still a steady #2 in the Div behind the Pens, and they’re #4 in the Conf, tied with the Caps (and they’re their Div leader).

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