New Victim is Jerry Sandusky’s Family Member

One of the two new alleged victims who came forward this week is related to Jerry Sandusky, according to Joe Amendola, the worst lawyer in the history of the world.

Patriot News, who – I’m guessing – has set a yearly page view record in the last three weeks:

The attorney for Jerry Sandusky says one of the two new cases of alleged sexual abuse under investigation by Children and Youth Services was made by a family member. 

Attorney Joe Amendola said the allegations stem from difficulties within the child's immediate family. He said the assault is alleged to have occurred prior to Sandusky's arrest earlier this month, but was not brought to the authorities attention until after the former Penn State coach was charged.

The Patriot-News is withholding the child's relationship to Sandusky to shield the child's identity.


This is hardly surprising considering that Sandusky adopted children and has grandkids.

[Patriot News: Family Member Made Recent Allegation]

H/T to the great Steve Whyno

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10 Responses

  1. “The whispers emanating from State College & Slambuttski have been heard for years. All one had to do was attend a home game to hear jokes in the tailgate lots about this monster.
    I don’t think anyone knew the extent of his depravity, but to suggest JS’s peers & direct superiors didn’t know much is foolish. They may not have wanted to believe it. The end result is going to continue to be that everyone will be CYA.
    In this entire mess, who is going to raise their hand and say, “I heard about this creep”? Only McQueary and the brave victims of this monster and his enablers (whether wittingly or not). Up and down the line, everyone involved didn’t want to believe, didn’t have the courage to speak up or passed the buck.
    Continuous refutations and endless hypotheses by alumni is not going to change this. The PA criminal investigation, the Dept of Education investigation, the upcoming DOJ investigation, the NCAA investigation, as well as the sham PSU investigation will continue to place this squarely on the front page of all news. Then the criminal trials and multitude of civil trials will continue this onslaught.
    My only wish is that Slambuttski’s countless victims fought back as much as everyone here. Maybe, then, you could still have Paterno as coach.”

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