New York Times: Penn State Planning Paterno’s Exit

This shouldn't surprise anyone:

Joe Paterno's tenure as coach of the Penn State football team will soon be over, perhaps within days or weeks, in the wake of a sex-abuse scandal that has implicated university officials, according to two people briefed on conversations among the university’s top officials.


Full story: New York Times.


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  1. Spanier had better fucking be gone at the same time, or better yet, before JoePa steps down.
    Fuck you, Graham, for what you’ve done to State. This is just the icing on the cake, too. Dickhead.

  2. Not like Penn State planned this and held everything back till the bye and Joe Pa got his record. This whole thing stinks and sickens me with amount of cover up and collusion happening around this. Maybe the Cremery should rename the chocolate dip top to ‘ Molestation Cover-Up’

  3. There really is no other answer for the program. He would be wise to immediately make a huge donation to some foundation that deals with this stuff and turn his star power to raise awareness and funds that help to expose this issue and track down other criminals. If this can go unnoticed / unreported for so long at PSU imagine what’s happening elsewhere.
    I do feel bad for the guy as I’m sure this was one of a million things he was dealing with and he probably blocked it out of his minds eye.

  4. It’s not really fair to suggest that the people working at the Second Mile did anything wrong. But certainly anyone affiliated with these institutions should be subject to some sort of stringent screening processes. Including founders and trustees. But one should hope that anyone working at this place has pure / positive intentions. The Second Mile folks are certainly going to have a problem here. But everyone that works there is just going to wind up at a similar job.
    But the issue is a national one and Joe Pa would be smart to draw national attention to this issue. The man needs a PR specialist pronto. It’s clear PSU doesn’t have one.

  5. Speaking from a strictly sports point of view, I sure don’t envy the next coaching staff. Taking over from this heinous stuff and dealing with the reputation stain for who knows how long.. plus you’d have to think any current and future recruits already threw their PSU brochures right in the trash.

  6. Yo, Neal! I won’t be! I’m of the opinion the only way Joe Paterno leaves the sidelines is in an ambulance after he suffers a heart attack and croaks on the sidelines. Meanwhile, this nightmare makes previous scandals at Ohio State and Miami look like amateur night in Dixie. Everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE at Penn State is in Gots To Go status, from the university president on down.

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