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Adam Reigner, producer at WIP, is spitting fire over Jason Avant’s comments. Oh yeah, he’s not back on the bandwagon yet, either. This is his weekly rant.


So, Jason Avant doesn’t want me back on the bandwagon.

That’s cool, it’s not the first time I’ve been rejected.

It’s not a popular opinion, but I actually agree with him in one regard. This city is a front running city– just like every other city in America. When the Sixers were making runs with Iverson you couldn’t buy a ticket. When the Phillies considered themselves a small market team they gave away tickets with hot dogs. There is absolutely nothing wrong with not showing up to a losing product. As a matter of fact, it’s actually your duty as a fan to do as such. The only way to make the owners change is to influence their bottom line.

So it may not make you happy as a player in this city, but it is exactly what a fan is supposed to do. Could you imagine if we rewarded lousy play or terrible execution? You expect more from yourself and so do we. When we ride you– man up.

I will, though, defend anybody’s right to give their opinion, and Avant is no different.

I am the fan he was talking about. I have actively rooted for whomever the Eagles were playing against since the Birds started 1-4 (really). You think a two-game win streak against a terrible Redskins team and a Cowboys team that trots out Tony Romo every week is going to change my mind? 

To steal a quote from Ray Didinger, “You’re three and four.”

The teams you have beaten have a combined record of 8-16. You want to crow about that? I’m sorry, that doesn’t cut it for me to be back on the bandwagon. You gotta show me something more. I wont even be convinced if they beat the Bears tonight.

Let’s look at each current division leaders in the NFC and how they stack up against this “dream team”: The Eagles already lost to the Giants and the 49ers. Green Bay is in another league. And I’d take Drew Brees against a Juan Castillo coached defense any day of the week.

So out of the four division leaders, you couldn’t beat one of them, and you’re telling me you don’t want me on the bandwagon? Where exactly is this bus – er, wagon – headed?

Are we playing for the playoffs here– or are we playing for the Super Bowl?

Having to sit all week and hear caller after caller at 94 WIP say that this team has a real chance now has got me laughing. They must be the kind of fans that Avant wants. I’m sorry, but my memory extends back more than two weeks.

I swore by the end of the week LeSean McCoy was a first ballot Hall of Famer. While I do think LeSean is going to be great he still holds the ball to far away from his body for me. I guarantee you that tonight he will lose his first fumble of the season. But I guess I’m just being to critical and need a refill on my Kool-Aid.

Is that the kind of fan Jason Avant wants me to be? I’m sorry I just can’t over look the flaws this team has. It would be like staying with a girl just because she’s good in the sack but you can’t stand anything else about her … wait a minute, never-mind. Bad example.

Look, Jason Avant can say what he wants– so can I.

Nothing he can say will ever change the fact that I’m an Eagles fan who has been disappointed more times than I can count.

Nothing he can say will ever change the fact that Andy Reid is still the coach that put Juan Castillo in an impossible position.

Nothing he can say will ever change the fact that I will continue to root for every other team the Eagles play until Andy Reid is gone.

So, Jason, you don’t need to worry about me jumping on and off of the bandwagon. 

I’m off… until I want to get back on.



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  1. amen so tired of hearing people say “we are good fans because we show up” or “real fans show up no matter what.” good fans show up when the team is good. There is no excuse for Braves fans not to show up when their team in the middle of a playoff chase. But am I a bad sixers fan for going to the games when AI was around and now not going nearly as often because I dont wanna spend my time and money to go see a bad basketball team in an empty arena? I dont think so at all.

  2. I love this guy!
    I am with him all the way.
    3-4 give me a break. What’s so proud to be about that?

  3. Ruined it with the final comment on Reid, showing this rant for what it is: a personal vendetta against the coach and nothing at all about Philly fans’ views on the team. Waste of journalistic space.

  4. There is no way my Eagles are going to make the playoffs this season. I can’t see it happening.
    With that said, the Eagles still had a packed house when they were 1-4. So whatever… Also fans talking about how bad you’ve sucked lately doesn’t equal a “bandwagon fan” It equals a person with eyes, ears, a nose, and a brain that functions at the 4th grade level at the least. If Avant can’t take the criticism, he should make the Eagles less sucky, that’s all.

  5. I get not paying money to support the team but rooting for every team the Ealges play? Thats not an Eagles fan… thats an Eagles hater. That is all fine and dandy but dont call your self a any kind of fan if you arent even going to route for the team until they make the changes you want them to make.
    If you are a fan of a team, you route for the team to succeed. You can boo your lungs out when they suck and have your opinon on what needs to change to be successfull but in the end you dont cheer a Bears TD. Thats not being a fan.

  6. Didinger on post game was classic….kinda what the whole delaware valley felt. I’m all for being happy after a big win, but you would have though they were 6-1 at the time. They could lose tonight and that game means nothing.

  7. people seem to neglect that the birds gave up 80+ yards on 9 carries last week. they were lucky to get out to such a quick lead forcing Dallas to abandon the run. they might not be so lucky this week.

  8. Owen, excuse me for interjecting, but what the fuck are you talking about?
    His (and my) opinions on Andy’s status here has EVERYTHING to do with the Philly fan’s “views on the team.”
    I don’t know what else to say after that.

  9. And also, please remember this; just because an athlete happens to play for your particular team, does not mean he will also be “smart.”
    Jason Avant appears to be just such an instance.

  10. Dave, please save the excerpts from, “How to be a Real Fan,” by Dave.
    A real fan is anybody who’s emotional investment in a team stays at a consistent level through thick and thin. So what, if during the lows, the disappointment reaches such a fever pitch that the only recourse to save the near future is to hope for the scuttling of the present? So what? Ever hear of taking a step backward in order to take two forward? Look it up.
    The sycophantic and stepford fans make me more sick every year. Real change is needed because aside from Avant, I can’t deal with the mercenary Samuel, the mediocre, yet still arrogant, Reid and then there’s Vick….
    Btw, that’s hardly all there is…

  11. People who feel betrayed by Avant are ridiculous and probably take sports too seriously. What he said wasn’t that bad.
    I think that this article is too negative overall. Reigner seems to discount that this team had almost no offseason to bring is disparate parts together to form a whole. There has been a learning curve. You also can’t discount those WAS and DAL games mainly because the Eagles are playing DIFFERENTLY now. They are actually playing better now. Time will tell though if their improved play will last.

  12. Yada yada yada…sometimes a fan is gonna be annoyed at the collective style of personalities on the team he roots’s OK. It’s called, having a conscience and being honest with it.
    This isn’t the most likeable collection of football players I’ve personally seen from the Eagles..perhaps it’s just because we know more about the team than ever before..whatever..eventually, I’ll get what I want or else I’ll just tire and give in to my inner fan and it’s desire to cheer the Eagles on…hopefully, I get the former because Andy Reid bites.

  13. If I remember correctly, there were 31 other NFL teams that had a shortened offseason along with the Eagles. That is no excuse for their play. Cincinnati had a shortened offseason and is 6-2 with a rookie QB and rookie WR.
    And as far as “the Eagles are playing better”…yes sir! Taking it to world beaters like the Washington Redskins and an overrated Cowboys team. How are they playing against the Bears (another overrated team)?
    I’m sick of Reid and his “players coach” BS. I want a coach that will motivate this team to play to the level it should be capable of. This current regime makes no one accountable for their mistakes and does nothing but coddle the players.
    Reid needs to go, and anyone who thinks otherwise is a gluton for punishment.

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