Occupy NovaCare Folks are Back

Novacare_guyPhoto: (@dryan32)

I love the concept of Occupy NovaCare. Unlike the hippies who – checks to see if they’ve moved yet – won’t move from the City Hall area, the ONC folks come in peace, let their voice awful signs be read, and get on with their lives. And they're not shitting on the sidewalk (I don't think).

But they need a copywriter.


Well alright then. I get the references, but, um… come on, Buzz.

Anyway, they don’t like Andy Reid, and neither do I. They’re outside again on this cold November morning, fighting the good fight. They just need some plastic pitchforks.


14 Responses

  1. i hope that comment about it being cold was sarcastic because its no where near being cold ya jackass.

  2. these guys are probably just hoping for another chance to get threatened by Kelce and Mathis to get 15 seconds of fame

  3. I can’t even imagine a life where picketing outside of my favorite football team trumps getting a job or even couch surfing. This act changes nothing. It only pisses off the team. And sane people. But hey, it’s the right of every American. So be it.

  4. I’m a fag for writing this…That sign is hilarious and you pussies who think otherwise are Andy Reid weiner suckers.

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  6. Where’s your coverage of the Syracuse (and ESPN) scandal? Or you don’t hate them like you hate Penn State?

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