Penn State Reaction Running Commentary

Here's video of Joe Pa addressing crowd on his front lawn. Video via Justin Pizzi and Steve Gresham, NBC 10.

More after the jump.

1:37 AM: Kid falls off street sign: [via Sharapova's Thigh]


Give the videos a second to load.

1:30 AM: The School Philly has a photo gallery on their Facebook page.

1:22 AM: Worth noting, the students in Paternoville, outside Beaver Stadium, are peaceful and raised more than $600 (now $900, I'm told) for kidney cancer tonight and are wearing blue ribbons to support child abuse.

1:20 AM: Rocks thrown at cops, police in full riot gear on way.

1:07 AM: Here's video of news van being overturned: [via @OnwardState

1:03 AM: Kid maced. IN THE FACE.

Screen Shot 2011-11-10 at 1.02.57 AM

12:54 AM: Police issue order to disperse.

12:50 AM: This kid looks fucking crazy, but well spoken:


And here's a sane kid being interupted by an idiot:


12:46 AM: Here's the email Penn State sent to students:

From: "Penn State Board of Trustees" <>


Date: Nov 9, 2011 11:15 PM


Subject: Board of Trustees announces leadership changes at Penn State


To: <>




Board of Trustees announces leadership changes at Penn State


Wednesday, November 9, 2011


The Pennsylvania State University Board of Trustees and Graham Spanier have decided that, effective immediately, Dr. Spanier is no longer president of the University. Additionally, the board determined that it is in the best interest of the University for Joe Paterno to no longer serve as head football coach, effective immediately.


The board has named Dr. Rodney A. Erickson, executive vice president and provost, as the interim president of the University. Tom Bradley, assistant coach, has been named interim head football coach.



12:34 PM: ESPN's Tom Farrey reports that he got hit by a rock and it "scraped up his pants." Fun.


12:24 AM: AP reports two arrests.


12:15 AM: Media van overturned:


Screen Shot 2011-11-10 at 12.17.18 AM


Photo via (@jon_wertheim)


12:10 AM: ESPN reports that Joe Paterno was delivered an envelope with a phone number earlier this evening, called the number, and was fired.

Transcript from Joe talking to reporters:

"I love you all. You're great.

Tomorrow we'll talk a little bit.

Because I wanted to say hello to all these great students who I love.

You guys are great, all of you. When I say guys, you know what I mean – you know I mean girls, too.

Hey look, get a good night's sleep, study, all right? We still got things to do. All right. I'm out of it, maybe, now. That phone call put me out of it, but we'll go from here. Good luck everybody

Hey, and one thing: Thanks and pray a little bit for those victims."


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54 Responses

  1. I love that 18-25 year old kids that really don’t know shit about Pen State are clinging to an old man who believed that football was more important that kids getting raped in the shower.

  2. No Bill, this is about a Board of Trustees caving to the Court of Public Opinion, before all the facts have come out. No one knows what Paterno knew, when he knew it, what he tried to do, if he was stone walled when/if he followed up…etc. They rushed to judgement.
    Obviously this reaction to his firing is not appropriate, but in someways it is understandable…
    To follow up..there is only one newspaper actually covering the whole story, and it’s the Penn State Collegian, so my guess is the students know more than you think, and probably more than you do.

  3. Bill,
    Seems like you arent getting all of your facts straight
    Read the Grand Jury Report.
    Joe Pa reported the incident to his AD in 2002, after the grad assistant McQueary reported it to Joe Paterno the day after he witnessed the event in the locker room and after Sandusky was no longer EMPLOYED by the university.
    The AD and VP of operations took away sanduskys keys to the locker room, and the rapes at the school stopped. Joe Pa is not judge jury or executioner. He didnt witness the rapes first hand. He reported the allegation…. what more did you want him to do?
    McQueary could have called the cops directly (and so could have any number of people, yes including Joe Paterno, he didn’t, should he have gotten fired over that?)
    The system failed the kids at every turn. Penn State did this to save a face that was already destroyed.
    Completely reactionary
    Joe Paterno deserves better and so did those kids.

  4. No one involved should still have a job!! President, AD, Paterno, McQuery and anyone else who knew. If ONE PERSON calls the police, this comes to an end 10 years ago.

  5. Joe Pa did the minimum…. MINIMUM. He didn’t care about those kids. He didn’t follow up on those kids. He didn’t stay until the other day we should “start praying for these victims.. or whatever.” He did what he had to do to continue to do football not care about children. His legacy is ruined because of his level of inactivity

  6. Bill, you really don’t know anything about Joe Paterno if you think he only wanted to win football games and make a name for himself. Disgusted hit the nail on the head.

  7. It says in the report that Sandusky was investigated in 98 and nothing was done then….and a childs mother complained and reported it and still he was not prosecuted….that is what led to more abuse to more innocent children. A janitor witnessed an act previously and nothing was reported and it could have stopped there as well…people LIED under oath to the Grand Jury! Joe reported it, could he have done more yeah, but not everyone knows what happened when he did…..this whole thing is heartbreaking…god bless those young men now who had the courage to come forth and their families!

  8. Joe Paterno followed regulation and reported abuse to campus police who were then entrusted to follow up on it. Joe Paterno was a football coach not a cop, not a private detective, not a judge. he took a course of action reported it and nothing was done and now loses not only his job but his illustrious career due to some asshole who could keep it in his pants and media shit storm. FOR FUCKING SHAME.

  9. It sickens me to live in this society. No one has any idea what Joe knew, yet they condemn him for knowing it all. And if reports are to be believed, he didn’t get a very detailed telling of the events. The media drummed this up and made Joe somehow the villain, and the Board of Trustees canned him to try and appease them. The media is unbearable and it’ll only get worse.
    What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty? If you are going to villainize someone before all the facts are out, why not Sandusky? Who’s name I heard maybe once every ten times they mentioned Paterno’s. This is another 21st century witch hunt, but instead of fear it’s greed and pure sport driving it…..
    ‘Because who cares if and ex-coordinator and some administrators do jail time? Nobody… we need to bring down the Icon, who cares that at worst he had a minimal role by not going above to report and incident that he himself didn’t see….that will drive traffic to my site…or get people to tune in to our network.’ ‘Don’t worry though by the end facts don’t matter.’
    The students for the most part have been quite good, just voicing their support behind Joe. And their disgust at this whole situation. But of course there are always idiots like in the video.Times like these and a lot of the “Occupy Movement” makes me truly embarrassed to be in the same generation as some of these idiots.
    So anybody that acts like firing Joe is the right thing to do, kindly go fuck yourself you fucking moron. I get it, grabbing the pitchforks makes your boring life seem worth living, but just pause and reflect on the facts or lack there of until the information is available to warrant such behavior (which is unlikely to happen in this case…sorry assholes…find something else to try and tear down). Just wishful thinking on my part I know.

  10. they plan to win! More than a dozen Democrats who lost by thin margins in 2010 are looking for a rematch. They know that 2010 was lightning in a bottle for the Tea Party and the Republicans – and they will never repeat that again. The Tea Party failure, the Republican impotence, has been on display for a year.

  11. I have never been more ashamed to be a Penn State student than tonight. And it revolves around two different perspectives. First, my fellow students reacted in inappropriate and immature fashion tonight. What occurred was extremely disgraceful and makes us all look terrible as Nittany Lions, past and present. At the same time, I see what the Board of Trustees did tonight and think that both Tim Curley, the man who was Joe Paterno’s superior who failed to do his job legally, and Mike McQueary, the man who actually witnessed Sandusky raping little boys, are still employed by the university. But Joe Paterno, who did his job legally, and I would say morally, because if he had gone to the police himself he would have been liable for libel against Sandusky, is out of job. Everyone needs to take a step back and re-read those past few statements. The man who did his job legally and is the least morally responsible in this whole situation is the one who is getting a raw deal. If it comes out later that Paterno knew more disturbing and specific information and still neglected to take any action outside of what was legally required, then by all means fire him on the spot. But for his sake, a man who has selflessly served not only this university but the surrounding community for over 61 years (61 YEARS! MANY PEOPLE DO NOT EVEN LIVE THAT LONG!), give him a chance to plead his case before he is fired.

  12. Andrew you CANNOT be charged with libel by going to the police and reporting child anal rape you idiot. If you wrote a newspaper article and posed it as fact before it was proven you could be charged with libel. That is why journalists use the word alleged and charged when reporting.

  13. Also Penn Staters consider this: why on earth does it matter how much money Paterno gave to charity. Bernie Madoff gave tens of millions more dollars to charity than Joe Paterno. Get down to his prison and demand that he be released. You all make me sick. Firing joepa does not mean anyone is excusing the behavior of anyone else. They are mutually exclusive ideas if you can handle that concept. The 10 year old that was ANALLY RAPED by Sandusky is now 19-20 and very well sitting in class at PSU. He is probably ok with joe being fired.

  14. there is something called the bystander effect. look it up. that’s what this is most likely a case of, at least from JoePa’s position.

  15. First, I am a Penn state senior, but this is not my first time seeing this kind of cover up, as well as people defending enablers. I was also a practicing Catholic (still am) in Archdiocese of Philadelphia. One of the retired priests at my parish was an adviser to the Bishop way back in the day, and was a part of the cover up, but while my family wanted him gone after the Grand Jury report, the more extreme members of our church defended the old man… you know, because he was an old priest and we all make mistakes. What Joepa did was nowhere near as significant of an enabling of child sex abuse, but he is a grown man and can defend himself. Part of me feels bad for the old man who I have loved my whole life, but this is how it has to be. Will his legacy be ruined? I don’t think so, but it will be tarnished. Is his legacy the most important thing at stake? ABSOLUTELY NOT.
    You gotta think about the kids first, and there is still a lot that needs to be done for these Kids to recieve Justice. MANY people failed him… some university officials, some police, and perhaps a system where people feared that speaking up was not safe. In 1999 there was an investigation where the police decided not to testify… McQueary was probably scared about what could happen to him if he spoke up because of Sandusky’s status (Not saying he didn’t do WRONG THING) but we need people to know that they need to speak up for the kids, and that NOBODY is above the law, and that is where the system failed.

  16. Sometimes you have to know when to quit before others decide for you. What an ignominous end to a brilliant career.

  17. I’m sick of hearing all this sympathy for him. Look I have nothing against PSU as a school or anything. But this whole scandal is outrageous. Joe Paterno knew about this scandal, going on right under his nose, and he essentially added more fuel to the fire by letting Sandusky continue to run camps, after KNOWING that kids were being molested. On top of that, Paterno went to the AD, the AD, over a child molestation case. Not the police, the AD. My guess is he did this because he knew they wouldn’t report it, thereby saving the reputation of the football program. Then he saw nothing was done, and didn’t even follow up with the police. For any of you who support Paterno and feel bad, let me ask you this: If you knew a child molester was performing these acts right under someones nose, yet their boss allowed them to continue to come in contact with boys, and have this happen, yet no one took it to the police…wouldn’t you be outraged? Answer that. And no, that’s not just for Joe Pa, that’s for EVERYONE involved, which is why they were fired.
    I’ll leave it with a great quote from Bryant’s ESPN article:
    “Should Paterno finally do the right thing and resign, thousands of eyes will be wet with sadness and nostalgia, pain and hurt for the old man. Magnitudes fewer people will talk about Victim 1 or Victim 2 or Victims 3 through 8, or the lives they now face because football and the big coach from the big football school with the big name were considered more important. Few people in the stands will talk about the horrific Justice Department statistics: Children who suffer abuse, sexual abuse included, are 59 percent more likely to be arrested as a juvenile, 28 percent more likely to be arrested as an adult and 30 percent more likely to commit violent crime. These numbers tell us there is a good chance that lives have been ruined before even being given a chance. This is the price of Penn State’s failure, the failure of power. Whatever tears exist for Paterno and his football legacy should be saved for the children.”

  18. the board rushed their decision. they should’ve taken 10 more minutes and fired more people.
    On another note, long live Scotty Paterno, the fattest Paterno on record.

  19. People actively supporting anyone who enabled an evil child rapist by turning a blind eye to the situation makes me sick, and question their moral compasses.
    Joe knew about Sandusky, and there is evidence of that in a few ways.
    Sandusky retired from Penn and there was a party for him. Guess who didn’t show up to it? Joe Pa didn’t. Strange that a guy who helped you win a championship isn’t worthy of you attending his retirement party isn’t it? Unless you’re a sicko and he knows it.
    Sandusky’s book “touched” barely mentions Joe Pa, but does mention other assistant coaches much more frequently. Isn’t it strange that a man who works under Paterno for 10 seasons, wins a championship with him, then writes a book, yet leaves him out? Yes, very strange, unless there was something else getting between these two, such as Paterno telling him to keep him out of his book.
    Mcqueary is telling people that yes, he told Paterno about the shower incident, which happened after another investigation where Sandusky admitted to molesting a male child to the authorities,which was mysteriously dropped. This is strange in many ways. He’s a coach of male children, leading me to believe the authorities also questioned Paterno on this (before the shower incident)ever happened. They had to right? Another crazy fact is not only was the case dropped, but the DA involved also mysteriously disappeared and his laptop (which could have contained the information of this reported molestation) was found at the bottom of the river near his car. The DA was never heard from again, and pronounced dead.
    There is evidence of a cover up, one that Paterno knew about. And to ignore these clues and blindly support the people sweeping this under the rug is sickening. More will surface in this case, i’m sure of it. And when it does remember, Joe could have and should have done more. He chose the reputation of his school and football program over the well being of innocent children, and for that he had to go. I wouldn’t be shocked to find Joe Pa is charged eventually after the feds investigate and this cover up is dissected more thoroughly. Not saying that’s the case here, but I wouldn’t be shocked.
    Sandusky is the bad guy here. Mcqueary is as well, as he saw this with his own eyes and used this as a way to ensure he’s gainfully employed by Penn State instead of reporting this to the police. Joe is the less guilty party here, but guilty of something nonetheless. Accept it.
    Mcqueary is more guilty of not doing the right thing than Joe is, but Joe had the power to make things happen there, whether they be right or wrong. Joe Pa pretty much ran that school in more ways than one, and everyone knows that.

  20. I won’t forget all the GOOD JoePa has done for my University. 61 years of blood, sweat, and tears into that place. We still love ya Joe, it’s unfortunate you had to go out like this. For all of the tens of millions of dollars you put into this fine place I call my second home, Thank you.
    P.S- I blame that fat ass Scott Pa

  21. Facts:
    1. Sandusky investigated by Police in 1998
    2. Sandusky retired in 1999
    3. Sandusky was caught RAPING a child by McQueary in 2002
    4. Sandusky is told he is not allowed to bring boys onto PSU campus and his keys are taken away from him
    5. 11/06/2011 Sandusky was banned from Penn State campus
    6. As of 11/08/2011 Sandusky is still listed on the PSU directory
    Sandusky worked for Paterno and Paterno got Curley his job. The grand jury investigation has been ongoing for MONTHS and the report was just released. This is not a witch hunt, Sandusky is going to jail for the rest of his life and JoePa was involved in making sure this didn’t ever come to light. You won’t need to worry about PSU football if the school loses its accreditation afther the US Dept. of Ed, PA Dept. of Ed, US Congress, PA Congress, NCAA, etc… finish their investigations!

  22. There wouldn’t have been students rioting if “The Board of Trustees” would have waited until this morning to make the decision on firing Joe Pa.
    Two Key Points:
    1. I plan on still going to the game sat, getting f*cked up tailgating & driving home back to philly after a post game meal.
    2. Please Kyle post more stuff about Scott Paterno. He’s got this mess under control

  23. 1. I plan on still going to the game sat, getting f*cked up tailgating
    that’s all penn state does/knows how to do. no wonder they were rioting last night.

  24. Joe Pa didn’t seem to fight very hard and he certainly didn’t seem outraged, seemed like he kinda expected it or kinda felt it was warrented “i shoulda done more” i believe was the quote. Best of Luck to those senior football players in the games saturday and the football team in general going forward. Many prayers for the victims and thier families. The kids who are rioting most likely don’t have kids of thier own and therefore they don’t understand how thier actions appear to those of us who do.

  25. How can you go to the cops with hearsay, without being a witness? Isn’t that pretty much like a rumor-mill move? “Someone told me something bad happened, officer.” That’s not exactly bomb-proof evidence there, and who goes to the police with nothing more than allegations? Hey, I allege the criminal enterprise known as the FED is stealing from the nation. Should I go tell the cops now? Or should I wait and get fired in a decade because at the time I thought there was wrongdoing, all I had was someone’s story to go on? Joe told the school, and the school proceeded to do nothing. If you are sitting there in a big fat internet typing rage, condemning Paterno for “doing only the minimum” and agreeing with his employment termination then you’re a fucking imbecile with little attachment to reality. To stave off the “hypocrite” label, all you “fire Paterno” assholes need to man-up and immediately report to the police alllll the things you thing are going on that are criminal but for which you have nothing more than a second-hand story in the way of evidence. I say if one head rolls, so should the rest, and that includes the entire Board of Trustees. I have no problem with Paterno getting fired so long as everyone else in the entire chain of command, top to bottom, also gets fired. This is, after all, a collective failure, not a failure of one person. Where is the media mob with the grad student who didn’t have the balls to go to the police? HE is the asshole who was the witness. WTF kind of assfuck “graduate student” witnesses a crime and TELLS THE FOOTBALL COACH INSTEAD OF THE POLICE? Lynch THAT stupid fuck, not Paterno. For all Paterno knew, the grad student could have been a liar or had a beef with the perp. Paterno could have gone to the police, but without being the witness, what could he tell them? Would he tell them that he heard a rumor? Isn’t that the entire purpose of him telling the administration? Isn’t it, therefore, their primary responsibility to take on the investigation and to escalate the issue to the local authorities? Is Joe a detective? Is it his job to handle such things based solely on rumor? Apparently some of you think so, and that’s weak logic. You fail. Would you go to the police with nothing more than a second-hand tale to tell? I doubt it – if you say you would then you’re a big fucking liar.

  26. No one should be defending Paterno. No. one.
    He should have defended his school’s honor.
    He should have defended those children.
    End of story. Everyone involved should be fired.

  27. if it involved abuse of children, yes, in a nano second…Doomhooligan, go play some xbox.

  28. “Face of the program” is ultimately culpable. This is the same line that every pompous, arrogant, holier-than-thou PSU cult member including Joe, gave to every alum/student/fan of other schools that came up with issues.
    We had to hear your bullshit for years, now, all of a sudden, the Cult wants the rules of the game changed cause they don’t like the final score.
    Sorry, doesn’t work that way.

  29. The facts:
    Paterno was told that there was innapropriate sexual activity in that shower.
    Paterno knew that Sandusky was running a camp for young children. After that event was reported to him
    Sandusky was using campus facilities up until last week.
    At no point was Paterno able to connect the dots and speak up. No because it would tarnish the Penn state reputation.
    Thats all the facts I need to know.
    He is no better than Sandusky or anyone else involved. He enabled the raping of young children and if you cant see that than you need to remove yourself from your happy valley bubble and wake up to the reality of the situation.
    This situation is bigger than football bigger than Penn State and bigger than Joe Paterno. This is about young children being violated and loosing their innocense. My prayers are with the victims and their families. They are certainly not with Joe paterno.

  30. This is retarded. Joe Pa, who I don’t even give a shit about becasue I don’t watch college sports, just lost his job after 60+ years because of allegations! ALLEGATIONS! Out of everyone who you could point a finger at, Paterno is the only one who did what he was LEGALLY obliged to do.
    I’m not saying he couldn’t have done more, nor am I saying that football is more important than child abuse. But this man was ousted after more than half a century of irreplaceable and invaluable service, all because of ALLEGATIONS. Everybody should be focusing their anger on Sandusky and McQueary, who ACTUALLY SAW THE EVENT TRANSPIRE AND DID NOTHING!!!!! Personally, I’m not too sure what to think right now about Paterno because THERE HAVEN’T BEEN ANY FACTS RELEASED ABOUT HIS ROLE other than he reported it. Who the fuck knows what went on behind closed doors in regards to his superiors, the police, and general politics that exist in these types of situations? For all we know, Curley or someone else could have told Paterno to fuck himself, or that he’d be fired if he followed up. One important question is if Joe Pa put his career, football, and Penn States reputation ahead of the victims. With the documents that have been released theres NO WAY TO KNOW THAT.
    The more disgusting thing about this, is that the focus has been completely switched from Sandusky and the morally reprehensible people who illegally and immorally enabled him to continue his sick acts, to a man who is legally fine. And to this point, no one knows about his moral character in regards to thsi event, yet everyone is up his ass. Its all because people are lazy and impatient, and if a giant celebrity or recognizable face isn’t going down, then who cares? Over the past 3 days theres been virtually no mention of Sandusky or the bigger and broader picture of cover up at Penn State. Now obviously, if the facts get released or Jo Pa actually, Ohhhh I don’t know, GETS A FUCKING CHANCE TO HOLD A PRESS CONFERENCE, and it comes out that hes morally guilty, then yes, get him out. But what happened to innocent until proven guilty?

  31. Pete H…he did not lose his job because of ALLEGATIONS. He lost his job because of HIS TESTIMONY to a Grand Jury, under oath, which is not in debate and is available. Can only assume you have not read it yet. You are ignorant of facts my friend.

  32. Wow, with every passing hour its turning into a bigger, meaner Penn State Armageddon. The civil suits are next – tuition hike en route to cover the costs. Sandusky should be teleported into the center of the sun where he can do the solar system some good, however insignificant.
    Hey, ‘big fucking liar’, your Stupid is showing. Quick, react like a panicked sissy before you know everything, but most importantly for you and your tiny, mostly-empty mind, please ignore the ludicrous bullshit that is a witness to heinous crimes opting to go to the fucking FOOTBALL COACH instead of the police. You fucking idiot. If Paterno is fired, everyone in the administration who had ANYTHING to do with this should be fired, bar none.

  33. …and another thing, wtf kind of person is McQueary? Do the facts indicate he literally saw – witnessed – a kid being raped in a shower AND DID NOTHING AT THAT INSTANT? He just walked away?! I can’t speak for anyone but me here, but I know if I witnessed some wacked-out, evil, sadistic shit like that I don’t think I could control the urge to stomp the perp’s brains out on the spot.

  34. @timpala11 That’s a ridiculous statement. Just because I support PSU doesn’t mean I support what McQueary, Paterno, etc did (or didn’t do). I will be cheering for that football team on Saturday; it’s not like the players did anything wrong.

  35. What a den of hypocrites, every coach new exactly what was going on since 1999, they have been together for decades and the rumors had been flying for years.(read the article in the Beaver Times) This is an indictment on everyone of the PSU apologist, you’re the worse kind of scumbags and you deserve much worse than you covered up. Pedophile State University PSU you earned this honor, you stinking hypocrites!

  36. Pete H who cares if they told him to go fuck himself or if he is going to loose his job. At that point when you see other evil men arent going to do anythign to stop it. You are Joe Paterno the most influential man at that campus. You hold a press conference and you let it be known what is going on. If he still looses his job after that than so be it. Would you want to continue to be at a place like that.
    If Joe is the man everyoen says he is. Than he should ahve stuck to his guns and came out and done the morally correct thig to do, and that fact he didnt makes him just as guilty.
    The facts of the situation clearly show that Paterno did not do enough. Does this make anybody else less guilty or reprehensible? Absolutly not. I just find it maddening that people can not get out of their penn state bubble and recognize the reality of the situation that Joe Paterno enabled this to happen for TEN more years.

  37. PSU fans and alum see Paterno as the kindly old grandfather/benefactor. Unfortunately the rest of the entire globe sees him as someone who may have been aware of decades of sexual abuse and may have turned a blind eye. If he was allowed coach even just one more game, and if later it comes out that Joe definitely had knowledge of the crimes, PSU’s reputation might never recover. Even as it stands now their rep is probably soiled beyond our own lifetimes. The civil suits are going to kill them, a lot of kids could cross PSU off of their college wishlists which could mean less tuition income, a lot of football recruits could go elsewhere, a lot of decent faculty may apply elsewhere… this school could be in for a rough century.

  38. These kids should be dealt with the same way I dealt with the “Move” protesters back in ’85.

  39. I asked if I could make it worse by swimming. He said, “probably not, but we don’t really know. If you do make it worse, we think it could be easily fixed.” Hmmm. I’ll hold off on swimming for the next few weeks and then give it another shot. I’m also having trouble holding my upper body weight on the bike; hopefully PT can help with that as well.

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