Sandusky Victim Total Now Up To 20

FOX Philly reports that the victim total is now up to 20. On Monday, state authorities publicized two phone numbers for potential victims to call. Unfortunately, those phones rang quite a bit, according to FOX.

Also, perhaps now would be a good time to remove Sandusky from the school's directory

Screen Shot 2011-11-08 at 7.33.45 PM 

Sandusky is listed as "emeritus," an honorary title given to him by the school when he retired, in 1999 (don't read anything into the "Phys Ed" thing– Joe Pa is listed as Phys Ed, too). This is a "clerical error," nothing more, but now might be a good time to cut ties, no?

H/T to Jon Marks from 97.5 and "Dan" for the passing along


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  1. Sandusky’s autobiogrpahy is called, “Touched:The Jerry Sandusky Story” Yikes! Probably a poor title choice in hindsight.

  2. How bout posting mike mcquearys email & phone #?? I wouldn’t mind sending that ginger head pussy a few nasty grams

  3. I really doubt that taking Sandusky’s name out of the schools database is #1 priority….. waste of space on this website….although good site overall.

  4. Jesus, this guy is a fucking monster….off with his nuts then a shotgun blast to the face

  5. They should lock this dude in a cell with a large black man and let him rip this dudes ass wide open.

  6. I only see this getting worse. I have a feeling it’s going to be around 50 when all is said and done.

  7. I know this much man, for thier own safety, his immediate family and some extended, better get outta dodge. No question they’re in danger. Who gives a fuck what happens to him.

  8. Since this isnt just a Philly sports blog anymore, where’s all the Pittsburgh news? I hope you understand that anyone with a radio or television knows whats going on. Thing is, you already know that. You’re just afraid people getting their news from elsewhere.

  9. Yea, you’re right. Sorry Kyle, please keep regurgitating non-Philly sports news. I loathe the idea of coming to this site and not seeing updates about a pedophile for the fourth time.

  10. That’s the thing. I do like this site, but I dont give a shit about Penn State and didnt think a Philly sports blog did either. Maybe I came here today looking for something DIFFERENT. I never hear about merging conferences or anything like that on here. So why this?

  11. I’d gladly take this guy apart with a pair of pliers and pruning shears… Sure it takes a special person to be able to do that to another human. If you look at him as human, it’s your problem.

  12. Slook: There’s a shit-ton of PSU alumni and current students from the Philly area, hence Kyle’s coverage. Also, it’s (unfrotunately) the biggest sports story in America. Also also, stop being a douche.

  13. To paraphrase the immortal Marcellus Wallace, it’s time to call a couple of hard, pipe hittin’ bruthas to go to work on Sandusky with a pair of pliers and a blowtorch. That monster deserves no less, given the crimes he’s committed.

  14. @blah. Please explain this: “I never hear about merging conferences or anything like that on here. So why this?”

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