Phillies Close to Signing Ryan Madson to a Four-Year, $44 Million Deal

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Meanwhile, back in Ruben Amaro’s money chamber, the Phillies and Ryan Madson are closing in on agreeing to a four-year, $44 million deal.

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Deep breath.

Brown followed that up by saying that the deal was "close," but not done.

Madson has been fantastic for the Phillies over the last few seasons, but $44 million (with a possibility for 57) on any reliever? When the Phillies have so much money tied up in just a few players, already?

That’s a lot.

Jamie Moyer said through his foundation's Facebook page that he's thrown for 10 teams and has a good amount of interest.

Michael Cuddyer was in town today, too. He toured CBP, had lunch with team officials and, reportedly, met with Charlie Manuel, who flew in from Florida.


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  1. Can someone take the keys out of Amaro’s hand? This deal is absolutely ridiculous. Didn’t we learn anything from the Lidge deal?
    I’d much rather have this money be given to Rollins who (should) play every day and is the face of the franchise. They are making this deal to have Madson pitch one inning per game. Come on now. We need to learn from the past.

  2. People need to stop being so skeptical. Madson is an elite closer, therefore he should make elite closer money. $11m is in that ballpark.

  3. I’d invest in Madson before J-Roll at this point. I’ve seen a lot more great closers in their mid-30’s than shortstops in their late 30’s, especially injury prone shortstops in their late 30’s (talking about near the end of their potential contracts). Just saying.

  4. seriously can we stop with the oh no we’re spending too much money
    1) It’s not your money and spare me anything about ticket prices.
    2) There is no actual cap to worry about for the team to comply with.
    3) But… but… the self imposed cap. Yeh okay sure the phillies are really worrying about money right now, that’s why they okay-ed giving Cliff Lee 24 million a year out of the blue. Before that I might have believed the self imposed cap thing, after that, it’s just a smoke screen to keep fans expectations in check. The Phillies have so much money coming in they’ll spend what they have to. They wont be dropping what the Yankees are every year and who is, but if you think money is a limitation to this franchise right now you’re just looking for an excuse to complain, which of course sports fans in this town love to do.
    Sounds like Madson is on his way back. Be happy about it.

  5. Closers … big money
    never a good idea (unless they are Mariano Rivera)
    ps. Me no get the love affair with Cuddyer
    Beez Nutz

  6. Whats the point of having 3 of the Top 10 pitchers in baseball if nobody is there to close the door? Fair market value deal for a guy that you have groomed to be the closer for 3 years now. They can do this because of the minimal salaries they’ll pay Bastardo, Stutes, DeFratus, Schwimer, or Aumont to fill out the pen for the next 3-4 years.

  7. what they REALLY need to do is explore a replacement for howard. a guy his age with that kind of injury is NOT coming back. certainly not in any meaningful way. if you think he’s playing this season, you are just wrong. hes finished. spend this money on a first baseman

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