Phillies Agree to One-Year Deal with Jim Thome

According to CSN Philly, the Phillies have agreed to a one-year deal with Jim Thome, worth $1.25 million.

Thome will most likely serve as a fill-in, should Ryan Howard not be ready by April. Once Howard returns, Thome should be a solid pinch-hit option (15 HR, 50 RBI last season). Quite frankly, it's a move I wish the Phillies would have made this summer, because they certainly could have used somebody to pose a threat off the bench against the World Champion (that hurts) Cardinals.

However, Thome is a slow power hitter who strikes out a lot (always has). He's also only played the field once since 2007. That's not exactly the type of player the Phillies need– it's the type of player they don't need more of.

The real upside of this move is bringing in a threat off the bench.

Either way, it's great to have him back.

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35 Responses

  1. Kyle,
    You think this takes the Phillies out of the running for a guy such as Cuddyer? I would disagree. I see this move as a bench move adding depth and a big left handed bat that can jolt the team any time. Similar to what Matt Stairs did for them in 2008 and 2009, he made 1.6 million. I do not believe this is the Phillies only move and will eliminate them from the Michael Cuddyer sweepstakes, for a utility man they have long needed. Even if the Phillies lose out, I still don’t see Thome as the full time replacement. I envision him platooning with John Mayberry Jr and possibly have Dominic Brown in Left:

  2. I love this move. Thome is a great player, not expecting him to be an amazing fielder (obviously) But he can hit the ball. @JG how do you think we could have signed Pujols, with Howard and our amazing 3 starting pitchers all on the same payroll? Come on now…

  3. Let’s end this now. We are NOT going for Albert..we have 125 mil invested in Howard starting this season.
    And A-Gonz is under contract for Boston for I think 5 years. Now stop being idiots.

  4. Go fuck a duck, Kyle. Not sure if its the best option? Thome is plain old country strong. He still has pop left in the bat and is a great clubhouse guy. For under 2 mil, this looks like a steal. Itll be nice to see the ovation he gets on opening day when he comes out wearing the red pinstripes again. Welcome back Jim. And Kyle, fuck a duck, seriously dude.

  5. We don’t need a clubhouse guy who strikes out a lot. That’s nothing against Jim, glad he’s back. But I’m not doing backflips, either.

  6. Does Jim Thome think Justin Bieber is amazing and that it’s ok to get embarrassed in the first round as long as you go on Extreme Makeover? If not he may not fit in anymore.

  7. At absolute worst he takes Gload’s spot as primary lefty hitter off the bench and hopefully means that Bowker’s name is never even mentioned again.
    Or best case he can come in and give a good approximation of what Howard does against righties and there’s a chance we’re even better off because we’re in a better situation b/c there’ll be a platoon and someone who can punish lefties in Mayberry.
    Point in it’s a medium to high reward/low risk scenario. The Phils basically can’t lose on a 1 year 1.5 mm contract.
    Oh, one more thing…. I’s JIM THOME.

  8. He sees a lot of pitches. Maybe he’ll teach by example. And he’s signing for peanuts.
    How can you not like this move?

  9. “not really 100% sure he’s the best option”
    who is? honestly, who is? this is your site…don’t hide behind open ended statements.

  10. I cannot understand how you don’t like this move. Thome for practically nothing. I like your site but that was a dumb statement.

  11. Thome is exatly the veteran leadership type guy they need. You know he’s going to hit some clutch HR’s along the way. I love the move.

  12. Great signing by Amaro. This was the deal that the Indians stole late last season and should provide that much needed pop at the plate. Can’t wait to see what the brass does next.

  13. I’m starting to think this blog is not the best move to read either anymore. dude who runs it is an arrogant dick.

  14. Jim Thome is a great guy, decent human being, and he can still hit homers. I’d rather have a guy who’s a role model on and OFF the field rather than a Jose Reyes/Nyjer Morgan type.
    This is the best deal I can imagine, because we didn’t need to go out and get some wildly expensive fill-in for Ryan Howard and now we could have a platoon situation with John Mayberry and perhaps Jim Thome until Howard returns and then Thome goes to the bench to be possibly the first guy out later in the game.
    I love Jim Thome. He kicked off the Golden Age of Phillies baseball and I would love to see him make some more history right here and retire a Phillie, maybe even finally get that World Series ring that’s so long overdue to him.
    To those whining about how old he is, you’ve clearly got no better reason to complain about this signing, so go screw yourselves.

  15. kate, it’s not his age, per say, it’s the fact that he just isn’t what he used to be, which, even then, was a power-hittng strike out guy. if this postseason was any indication, the philies need guys who can hit. thome is exactly the kind of guy they don’t need more of. that said, everyone loves jim and even as a bench guy, he’ll be a better option than most. just not doing backflips, that’s all.

  16. signing Jim Thome for 1.25 mil is a great clubhouse/PR move and he’s 10x better than ross gload, plus mayberry jr is gonna need help filling in for howard. you won’t do backflips for Jim Thome, but you will suck Ryan Howard’s dick to no end and pick fights with players over man. this blog has turned into a fucking TMZ joke, and maybe you should just stop attempting to cover the actual sports aspect of sports all together, cuz ur views are all horseshit. but hey, would expect nothing less from a nova grad. it’s a shame the people with blogs who get lucky and attain alot of readers are the ones that dont know dick about sports.

  17. How can we say Thome is old and doesn’t hit he hit 15 hrs last year in 300 abs in a part time role year before I believe he hit 20 hrs he’s still able to hit he’s still an upgrade over Gload and it gives us a right ( B Fran) and Left handed power threat with pop, and yes I’m aware b Fran isn’t Thome but he has some pop which will come in handy for a million a year what more could you guys ask for

  18. the post is updated with some more flesh. i wrote the first take at 8 pm from an iphone while out at dinner last night.
    it should also be noted that “equipimunks” last comment on this site was “nova is gay.” so thanks for chiming in, pal.

  19. All you idiots on you high horse shit talking kyle probably have the limited philly fan intelligence. Meaning you know just enough about philly sports to be considered a philly fan, but not enough to hold intelligent, fact based arguments.
    Please leave this blog.

  20. People are going to disagree about whether or not signing Thome was a good thing. But I think we can all agree that Polanco has a huge dome!!!

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