Report: Joe Paterno Will Retire at End of Season

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From the not-shocking division, the AP is reporting that Joe Pa will retire at the end of the season, and he will make an announcement later today. From their report:

Penn State football coach Joe Paterno has decided to retire at the end of the season, according to a person familiar with the decision.

The person, who spoke to The Associated Press on the condition of anonymity because the decision has yet to be announced, said Paterno will announce his retirement later Wednesday.


No further details given.


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  1. … RH Nose …NO! He won those games, this ignorant shit he may/may not have had a hand in are two separate things…
    Lets keep the football records and Sandusky crap separate….for the sake of PSU itself….

  2. Really RHN? Because he won some of those 409 games under suspicion of cheating how?
    The only think about JoePa’s legacy that deserves an asterisk is his reputation as a human being.

  3. One of the most frustrating stories to read about… There are so many more people to be held JUST as accountable as Paterno.
    First of all, Sandusky was being investigated back in 1998 and the case was dropped. Then in 2002, McQueary tells JoePa about what he saw and JoePa tells the administration. If the administration DID THEIR JOB – This wouldn’t be a story. The scumbag would have been arrested and their wouldn’t be this witch hunt.
    The poor kids aren’t even being recognized as the victims they are. All that is happening is the public getting an opportunity to BASH Penn State and Paterno.
    Baldy is currently on the radio acting as if Joe Pa, himself, raped these kids. Harry Mays is saying PSU should forfeit the game. This horrific crime has nothing to do with the football game.

  4. It looks as if the kid did a better job handling his dad then the university did handling anything.
    Joe’s records are his records, he earned them with his blood sweat and tears.

  5. look at the comments. PSU has tons of haters that have been dying for a story like this. These people don’t even consider the actual story and repercussions these events had on the kids. They just want a chance to bash penn state and joe paterno.

  6. K, This also wouldn’t have been a story if JoePa decided to say something to the authorities once his superiors didn’t. He would have looked like a hero had he done that…

  7. I don’t dislike Penn. I used to respect Joe Paterno. But Joe could have and should have done more in this case but ignored it, this contributed to more children being molested and sodomized. Joe is wrong for his lack of action in this case, dead wrong. If this man was my brother, I would have called the police after hearing of the shower incident. It is my opinion that Joe is as guilty of this cover up as is McCreary and Penn. They all KNEW a child molester was actively running amok and turned their cheeks to try to preserve the reputation of the school. People attributing people’s anger here to “PSU and Joe Pa haters” need to realize, this is merely hating child molesters and those who enabled them.

  8. Paterno should step down today, RIGHT NOW, not wait until after Saturday’s season finale.

  9. You should direct your hate toward Curly and Schultz. Or maybe that DA back in 1998 that dropped the case after having proof.
    How do you know that – after Joe reported the incident to the administration, whom work with the campus police for crimes on campus – the administration didn’t come back to Joe and said the claim was invalid after police investigation, etc?
    Yes, Joe Paterno could have done more – but you can’t say he did anything wrong. He just didn’t do enough. But, again, this could have been a direct result of what he was told by the administration.

  10. Joe Pa had the last 3 years+ to retire. He stubbornness kept him coaching. I have no sympathy for him whatsoever. There are 9 VICTIMS, 9 INCIDENTS! You mean to tell me you cant notice improper behavior. This board of trustees is not working swift enough to bring justice to these victims and their families. Joe Pa and his son or whoever family member is on that staff should not even coach Saturday. President should have been fired 2 days ago. PSU’s reputation is going to take a hit for the next 10 years at least. Who would trust this current administration if a child predator can get away with this shit. You think this rich facility would have camera’s in the gym…

  11. Picture yourself as one of Sandusky’s anal rape victims that occurred post 2002. Now picture yourself finding out that Joe Paterno knew about it. Now picture yourself turning on the TV and watching him being carried off the field by his players on New Years Day. While thousands of students and fans scream his name in joy. Now go back and think about your comments that people only are PSU haters if they want Paterno gone now.
    PSU Class of ’89 and right now ashamed to tell anyone.

  12. What is really sick right now is how people are turning the majority of the attention on Joe Paterno and not on the actual man who did these horrific things. I am not at all saying that Joe Paterno did the right thing by only going to the athletic director, more could have been done to say the least. The ball was dropped by SO many people in this situation from McQueary, to Paterno, to Curley and Shultz. Why was the investigation dropped before in 1998?? That could have saved so many kids from this monster. Sandusky flew under the radar all of these years being a pervert and now he is continuing to do so, why aren’t the media and press outside of this creep’s door (too)? Things could have been handled so much better on the part of the University and so many people involved but nothing would have to be handled at all in the first place if this pig kept his hands off children.

  13. Anyone who actually believes Paterno wasn’t aware of the ’98 investigation is truly naive or ignorant of his political social circle. The man is a personal friend of George Bush Sr. (campaigned for him in ’88) and was a close friend of Gerald Ford before his death. There also hasn’t been a governor of PA or a Centre County politician that he hasn’t had to sit through multiple banquets with since the Truman era. So none of these powerful people in the know gave Joe a courteous head’s up that his guy was under investigation? Doubtful.

  14. Sandusky was permitted to fly under the radar, because Paterno and company ignored the radar.
    That’s why people are angry at Paterno. He enabled Sandusky’s sexual abuse, and as a man who set himself up as a paragon of virtue, his inaction is shocking.

  15. We must always fear the wicked. But there is another kind of evil that we must fear most, and that is the indifference of good men.

  16. I know people that have played under paterno, by their accounts he made them who they are today. JoPa is a hell of man and if people let this completly ruin their views on Joe then i have no hope in the world. Think about it like this with every person passing along the story they just brought another person into the case that can be charged. Should he called the cops? Yeah but so should of the graduate assistant. If it happened like that than boom nothing against Joe and the graduate becomes a hero insted of just another name in the case.

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