Sweet! Eagles Coaches Pushing on Sideline, Just What Team Needed

WashburnDoes this look like a guy you want to fuck with?

Awesome! Not only are the Eagles 4-7. Not only was the Linc flooded with Fire Andy Reid chants. Not only was DeSean Jackson benched in the fourth quarter. But now we’ve got coaches fighting coaches on the sideline. Somewhere, Les Bowen is jealous that he didn’t get a lick in.

According to numerous reports, Jim Washburn and Marty Mornhinweg got into on the sideline during the game. Rachel Appel-Vazquez, a booking producer at CSN, saw the incident and described it thusly on Twitter:

Ok guys, Here's what I saw..I noticed a lot of movement on the sideline and saw 2 coaches screaming at each other. I knew one was Marty because he was wearing a headset. They had to be separated. Then a minute or so later, one coach pushed the other one, I'm not sure who pushed who. Two players pulled them apart and one waved andy over and that was that. It happened early in the first half. Not sure how I was the only one to see it but that's what I saw..


Howard Eskin reported that the kerfuffle was over the offense's playcalling after the Eagles defense stopped the Pats following an interception. The next series, the Eagles went backwards two yards before punting on 4th and 12.

Derrick Gunn, the Eagles' 12th man and host of Gunn on One, penned a brief article about it last night. Gunner wrote that details of the exchange were not revealed… an assertion that he directly contradicted on his Twitter:

Screen Shot 2011-11-28 at 8.50.43 AM

Oh do tell!

And then this:

Screen Shot 2011-11-28 at 8.50.43 AM

Remember, folks: Opinions are like assholes– everybody has one. The Eagles have a lot of them.

So that’s that. It’s likely that plenty nothing more will come out today in Andy Reid’s presser (UPDATE: no presser today) and the ensuing Occupy NovaCare protest, which we can assume will take place around noon on Pattison Ave. Pictures, if you happen to be in the area. Thanks.

Ladies and gentlemen, your 2011 Philadelphia Eagles!


14 Responses

  1. Washburn should’ve punched him in the face.
    LeSean McCoy- 10 Carries 38 Yards. 1 TD.
    I expected to get rolled by New England, but this coaching staff just sucks. The scheme sucks. Juan Castillo was looking for the ‘Ask Madden’ button on his clip board. Fire all of them and start over.

  2. The only thing good about the defense is the D-line. Wide 9 would be great if we had linebackers. Go Washburn.

  3. I heard Lindros fucked Morhinweg’s wife while he was in town doing press for the alumni thing. Washburn only did the videotaping.

  4. Well, you may have missed the point. This is EXACTLY what we need.
    Pile on. Add more wood to the bonfire. Anything to keep it going in this cataclysmic direction and ultimately, it’s terminal end.
    I want them all gone…every last one of ’em.

  5. If I’m Jim Washburn and my d-linemen are sucking wind because the offense is only on the field for a few seconds on each drive, I’m making like Marcellus Wallace and calling a couple of hard, pipe hittin’ bruthas to go to work on Marty with a pair of pliers and a blowtorch. Boy, the Eagles are really turning into a first class circus.

  6. 3rd and one, two yards from the goal line and they call a fucking pass play? They call a fucking pass play???!! Who the fuck calls a pass play in that spot? Marty you dumb ass!!! McCoy is your RB and you call a pass fucking play??? On third and one, two yards from the goal fucking line???!!?!?!

  7. Jim was really MEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAN…he said I wasn’t running the ball enough and called me a poopiehead for electing to kick that time I won an overtime coin toss.

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