Roy Oswalt Wants a Long-Term Contract

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This from a guy who was talking very seriously about retiring after this year.

[FOX Sports]

The agent for Roy Oswalt affirmed Wednesday that the veteran pitcher “absolutely” plans to pitch in 2012, following a season in which he was twice placed on the disabled list with lower back inflammation.

“His back feels great,” Bob Garber told “He’s definitely looking for a long-term contract.”


Something tells me the Phillies will offer no more than two years… if they offer anything at all.


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  1. I doubt they offer anything. I mean, from their standpoint, they can’t offer more than Blanton’s salary. Why would they, when instead they can just have Joe as a 5th starter at his price? Blanton is not a terrible option, and you should be looking to other places to spend your money to improve the team. And they know Oswalt wouldn’t take less than Blanton, so why insult him? No deal, I feel like.
    Priorities: Sign Cole Hamels long term. Fill SS hole (if the Cards sign Pujols, they can’t afford Furcal, can they?). Closer (my guess- Joe Nathan or Matt Capps. Not the sexiest names, I know, but that’s where I think it’s going). 2 other bullpen pieces, good bench player(s). In that order, is how I would do it.

  2. LOL, Kyle is spot on here. Multi-year deal? REALLY? This has to be a joke.
    Oswalt may be a good guy, but he’s at the end here. He’s not dominate like Halladay, Lee, or Hamels. He has health issues. I’m not sure about the whole bulldozer thing with cleaning up his farm (don’t want to sound like a jerk, but I don’t know how clearing the farm helps family when you have multimillion dollar obligations).
    Oswalt, we’ve been glad to have you. It’s been fun.

  3. He must be hallucinating if he thinks ANYBODY will give him more than a two year deal. Let the Rangers sign him. He did his part here, now it’s time to say goodbye. As long as Worley doesn’t fall into a sophomore slump, I think we’ll be just fine.

  4. At this point in Lil Roy’s life, he belongs on a tractor. As someone with a bad back, I know he will not make it through the rigors of a long baseball season.

  5. Sorry ROYO…. I will always remember you playing Right Field and that goofy face behind Dubee…. but like JT said, cant see him getting anything over MAYBE 10 per for 2yrs… and idk everyone elses point of view but TWO, is hardly the # that comes to mind when i hear “multiyear”…. I say priority #1 has to be locking up ColeTrain and I would have LOVED to seen JJ Hardy team up with Chase, but oh well, so much for that. And he got grabbed up cheap, 3 years about 22 million. But we really dont have a lot of wiggle room for a #4/#5 starter, especially if 1)Vance stays amazing and 2) Blanton already on the books

  6. Plenty of teams will offer the guy multiple years worth at least $10M/annum. I hope and don’t believe the Phils will be one of those teams, as stated above, they have higher priorities and Joe Blanton or Kyle Kendrick will be just fine as our #5 starter.

  7. Yup, I’d be just as happy with Blanton as the #5, although admittedly, I’m more of a Blanton fan than most people.

  8. He’s been saying he wants to pitch longer since he’s come back off the DL. Pitching in Philadelphia rejuvenated him.
    He never said he was going to retire. He said he was considering it. When he got hurt, his frustration started to talk for him.

  9. I love Lil Roy like allyall, BUT DON’T DO IT, RAJ! The Phillies need a consisstently clutch hitter (and/or a J-Roll™ replacement). Their pitching minus Oswalt will be fine as long as DipShyte Dubee doesn’t mind fuck with any more guys at practice.

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