Save 20% on Flyers Winter Classic Jerseys

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Perhaps not surprisingly, Winter Classic (replica) jerseys are insanely expensive– $219 with a player’s name, $169 without.

That’s a lot, for a replica. According to Sarah Baicker, those are the prices at The Well. And those are also the prices on and (both sites are run by GSI Commerce in King of Prussia).

Good news! The code CABIN11 works on for 20% off a single item, including Winter Classic jerseys (for now), which saves you $44 on a player specific sweater. They won’t ship until 12/15, but having worked for the company, I can tell you that if you buy one now, and the jersey ships on 12/15, there’s a 99.9% chance it gets there for Christmas. Modell's is well aware that a majority of these will be purchased as gifts. The same timeline applies to, but there's no 20% discount available.

So, use the links below to shop for player specific Winter Classic jerseys at and use code CABIN11 (case sensitive) to save 20%. There’s also a link for other Winter Classic gear. This is the same stuff you will find on, and it’s shipped from the same place. Clicking these links supports CB, too, as we are an affiliate of Modell’s and will get a small commission for referring the sale.

Claude Giroux Winter Classic jersey

Jaromir Jagr Winter Classic jersey

Ilya Bryzgalov Winter Classic jersey

Chris Pronger Winter Classic jersey

Max Talbot Winter Classic jersey

Danny Briere Winter Classic jersey

Winter Classic gear

Let me know in the comments if you have trouble getting the code to work or hit any other snags.

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19 Responses

  1. Those prices are just retarted. That’s usually what they charge for an AUTHENTIC jersey. Screw this I’m buying from my good friends in China for no more than $60-$70. Just search china nhl jersey in google and you will get a bunch of sites linking to what you want. Shame on the Flyers for trying to rape us of more money. Thanks ED!

  2. No wonder this country gets its ass whooped in trade by China. I will also be purchasing my $40 Winter Classic jersey from the folks in the East Orient.
    Kyle, its only a matter of time before you realize you can pay a small Chinese man $2/hour to run your site so long as its renamed Crossing the Great Wall

  3. do you have a link for the basic non-player jersey? $136 after rebate I could handle. couldn’t find any page for it on the site. thanks

  4. $35 for a Reebok vintage tshirt? Are they fucking high? Shame on you Kyle. Oh wait, you’ll make $.02 is someone buys a jersey.

  5. maybe hes just trying to help you out if your actually trying to support the real jersey sales by the team that you support instead of support those cheap chinese jerseys that you find on google..would love to find how to get a JVR one though

  6. Are the captain patches not on the replica because that is effing weak sauce.
    Also, why in the blue hell is the REPLICA 200 bucks!? I can go on NFL shop right now and get an authentic Iggles jersey for less then that. That’s trash prices. If i pay that much, I want the real deal sonion. DAMN YOU SNIDER!!
    …I’ll buy it anyway.

  7. I second the “would love to find how to get a JVR one” post. Why in the world is Max Talbot one of the six names being offered right now? So confused…

  8. The 20% off promotion code does not work anymore – they added a stipulation that it does not apply to NHL jerseys.

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