Scott Paterno Returns, Releases Statement For Father

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He's back! Scott Paterno has issued a statement on behalf of his father:

I have been asked by my father to make a brief statement on his behalf.

Like everyone who has watched this story unfold, my father is experiencing a range of powerful emotions.  He is absolutely distraught over what happened to the children and their families. He also wants very much to speak publicly and answer questions.

At this stage, however, he has no choice but to be patient and defer to the legal process.  He cooperated fully with the Grand Jury and he will continue to cooperate with the investigation as we move forward.

On behalf of my father, I have retained Wick Sollers at the law firm of King and Spalding.  My father's desire is for the truth to be uncovered and he will work with his lawyers to that end.  Going forward, Mr. Sollers has directed my father, our family and everyone associated with us to make no further public statements and to respond to no media inquiries.  We will honor this request. Accordingly, all requests for comments or other information should be directed to Mr. Sollers.


It should be known that Scott himself is a lawyer… and he needed another lawyer to tell him that making impromptu chubby statements on his father's front lawn isn't a good idea. Tells you all you need to know. 

Cheeseburgers for all! 

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7 Responses

  1. Does anyone know – has Paterno condemned the violence that was committed on his behalf? Has Grandpapa Joe even gently chided the rioters or urged them to remain calm,as in: “vandalism and mayhem are no way to express support for me and/or honor me kiddies?”
    Kyle – Scott is a lawyer, but I don’t think he was ever prepared to practice criminal defense.

  2. I have the biggest man crush on that fat fuck Scott. I needed that before I head up for the game in the morning & drive back home after last call sat night.

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