Source: Eric Lindros to be on 97.5 The Fanatic Leading up to Winter Classic

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Well, this should be fun. Philly continues to open its arms for Eight Eight.

According to a source, Eric Lindros will be working with 97.5 The Fanatic in an on-air capacity leading up to the Winter Classic. No further details given, but Mike Missanelli should be making an announcement today at 3 PM (or later).

UPDATE: Lindros and John LeClair will both be on with Missanelli tomorrow to talk about how they will both be apart of upcoming radio events leading up to the Winter Classic.


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  1. What’s the bigger deal here: Philly (finally) embracing the Eight Eight back in it’s arms, or ESPN Radio actually talking hockey???
    Toss up.

  2. What flyersgirl38 said is actually true, I’m sitting here trying to think who they could possibly pair him up with and I’m drawing a complete blank. The obvious choice is Missanelli and/or Marks, like they do with Dutch, but those 2 don’t pay any attention to hockey and would actually be a minus in any sort of real hockey conversation. Bruno is probably the only one on their roster that actually watches hockey but I can’t see it being him either unless they want a 1:1 ratio on canned sound effects and actual quotes from Lindros.

  3. Missanelli: “You know, when I flip by hockey on the dial I don’t notice nearly as many 2-line pass calls as I used to. Why do you think that is, Eric?”
    Lindros: “Because they did away with that rule years ago?”
    Missanelli: “Remember that episode of Seinfeld where Puddy painted himself up as a Devils fan? That was classic.”

  4. Missanelli : remember that time I accused you of giving your comp tickets to mafia members and the Flyers wanted to sue WIP?
    Good times my friend

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