Sports Illustrated Cover Punches Penn State Squarely in the Dick


And deservedly so.

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  1. Wonder if Sandusky gets any mention in the magazine or if it’s all about JoePa? I, like almost everyone else, think Joe and everyone else needed to go, immediately. But I’m not for Eskining (piling on) until we get all the facts. If it turns out that Joe did more than what’s in the grand jury report, Sports Illustrated will be going bankrupt.

  2. Fitting that the national media features Joe on the cover. Do you think anyone could even pick Sandusky out of a line up at this point?

  3. The amount of pleasure people are getting out of the ‘downfall’ of Penn State disgusts me. It’s as if people are happy that this whole thing happened! Keep in mind if your enjoyment comes from seeing Penn State and JoePa’s reputation tarnished, then your enjoyment also comes from the reason those names have been tarnished (the alleged sexual acts on minors). Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but let the facts come out before you force your opinions on everyone else. I’m not saying who’s innocent and who’s not, cause I don’t know, and pretty much everyone that has had an opinion doesn’t know. You said it yourself Kyle, there’s a whole lot more info that’s going to come out as time progresses. Call me defensive, fine, but at least keep in mind that you can’t take back what you say.
    “If you care more about figuring out who’s to blame than you do finding a solution, then you’re to blame.”

  4. Joe’s on the cover because PSU is Joe’s University. The cover up is as bad as the crime(s) and the coverup is a crime –
    Sandusky was the monster and Joe et al allowed the monster to prey on children for 13 years
    there is NO FUCKING WAY in this world that Joe was unaware of the 1998 allegation and subsequent 1999 investigation – NO FUCKING WAY –
    Sandusky should have never been allowed on campus another day in his life from that point forward
    and to think in 2002 a witness came forward and reported a rape – and this animal was still on campus for another 9 FUCKING years and often with young boys – even taking young boys to road games and bowl game dinners
    let Joe PA fry – he’s just as guilty as Sandusky
    i just wish the media was this diligent with the Catholic church for the last 100 years

  5. And to add on, I believe that pending the truth, if the allegations are true, the people involved deserve appropriate punishments for their actions. Despite what you may have thought based on the ending quote I posted.

  6. @JMac…I’m not saying who is guilty/guiltier/guiltiest. Let’s say, for the sake of your argument, that Joe did know of 98 allegations. Once the DA says there isn’t enough information to press charges, what can Joe do? Sandusky isn’t on Joe’s staff and is retired/receiving pension. Sandusky shouldn’t have been allowed on campus, but it is illegal to restrict access to a retired employee on pension based on (at that point) unsubstantiated rumors. I do believe Joe could have been more proactive, but the fault rests with the under zealous prosecutor. Police set up a sting operation and still decided not to prosecute. Also, for the sake of your argument, if Joe did know about 98 and then 02, he had no idea that these were more than rumors and doubtfully knew about the extent of Sandusky’s villainous crimes.
    How about this for a cover: PENN STATE SCANDAL BRINGS NEEDED FOCUS TO CHILD ABUSE. Article 1: Here are ways to recognize child abuse. Article 2: Here are ways to talk to your children about child abuse. Article 3: Here are ways to report child abuse.
    @Kyle: Would love to see a post about ways to recognize child abuse/talk about it/report it. Maybe links to articles and helpful websites. Would be RTed all over the place and you would be doing a great service.
    While things obviously could have been done better by most of the administration, it is hard to know exactly what we would want to happen without all the facts.

  7. JMac, the police knew about the 98-99 allegations but Gricar for whatever reason decided not to push forward with charges. They’re to blame just as much as anyone else for what continued to happen afterwards.

  8. I assume most of you have seen the recent news of the McQueary email, stating he “did stop it” and he “did go to the cops”.
    What do we do when we find out that McQueary and Joe Pa did do everything they could, they told their superiors and the cops. Then nothing was heard, so they followed up, only to hear “we know, it’s under investigation, don’t say anything or you might mess up the investigation”.
    The DA that was prosecuting Sandusky “disappeared”, so someone went to the cops. Who?
    There is so much we don’t know. I have a really hard time believing that 5 or 6 grown men had such low moral standards as to ignore a problem of this magnitude.
    The media wanted Joes head because of who he is, and the fact that it would make great news, and the board of trustees gave it to them.
    Just the fact that his 61 year reputation was destroyed before we knew the facts is pretty upsetting- the allegations are even more upsetting.

  9. Everyone loves to use the disclaimer, “We need to remember that this is really about the victims.” This scandal should indeed be about the victims. One ultimately has to have a hard time believing how much most people really care about the victims though given how this story was broken and covered.
    ESPN was flipping between Joe Paterno for 15 minutes, then talking about the NBA lockout for 5 minutes before Paterno was fired. This was an international story because of Paterno and after his firing the coverage of the scandal dropped precipitously. This is despite the fact that real journalism has started now after a week of every “news” source really just running a bunch of grandstanding commentary about Joe Paterno and his legacy.
    If for the media and other grandstanders alike this was really about the victims, they would run specials about how big of a problem that child abuse really is. Instead, they preface everything they say with how sorry they feel for the victims and then go on to pontificate as to what the legacy of Joe Paterno will be. Then again, why should we be surprise? In the long run, who really thinks that will advance certain people’s careers, improve ratings, and help their ad sales?
    Penn State alumni are showing our true colors. While our overall response has definitely included support of Paterno and thoughts on how poorly the University botched handling this all around, we have shown that this is about more than Paterno and football. WE ARE ALSO ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING TO HELP PREVENT THIS FROM HAPPENING AGAIN. One indication of that is the $394,767 that has already been raised for RAINN since this scandal started. RAINN has seen a 50% spike in demand for their outreach services. That money won’t make up for the mistakes of the past, but it will go a long way to helping victims of such abuse now and going forward.

  10. the 1998/9 investigation revealed that Sandusky admitted to showering and hugging the boy in question – grown man naked, child naked, physical contact – enough said
    that’s more than enough for me
    1 – Was the DA pressured to not press charges?
    2 – Was there not enough evidence for a criminal charge?
    3 – Did the DA not want to tarnish PSU?
    to me none of these questions matter – at that time SANDUSKY absolutely worked for Joe Paterno – he should have been fired and banned from campus – Joe did not need a criminal conviction to fire Sandusky – the admission of the shower and touching should have been adequate cause
    and for the same type of showering activity to come up again in 2002 (and mush more serious allegations)and we know Joe, the AD and a VP were absolutely notified
    yet the animal still had free reign on campus for another 9 years
    you cannot defend this to me – not now not EVER –

  11. Your the president of the nation, the face of a franchise, or the leader of a group……you die with the group as well. Pretty simple.
    Same reason Allen Iverson hanging his head was shown instead of Eric Snow in the 2001 finals, Same reason it was always Donnie after a loss, etc……
    And that’s why he gets paid so much.

  12. @Wilson, what do you do if you find out the reason Paterno acted the way he did in 2002 was because he already knew about Sandusky and children ahead of that? How long had they’d known each other and worked together? If you want to play the what if on the innocent side of the issue than you better be prepared for the uglier possiblity to explain Joe’s actions.

  13. @Jmac, How was Joe supposed to fire Sandusky? Joe was just the football coach. The AD fires and hires. Who knows what Joe did, if and how he tried to have Sandusky removed – we don’t know the whole story.
    Everyone keeps saying that it’s “Joes university”, he’s a head football coach, not the AD or president of the University. How was he supposed to fire them?
    Everyone keeps saying “Joe should have…” because they’re just like everyone in the country – they know Joes name, and have no clue who Curley or Spanier are and what positions (above joes) they held.

  14. from today’s NY Times
    Lawrence A. Frolik, a law professor at the University of Pittsburgh who specializes in elder law, said that he had “never heard” of a husband selling his share of a house for $1 to his spouse for tax or government assistance purposes.
    “I can’t see any tax advantages,” Frolik said. “If someone told me that, my reaction would be, ‘Are they hoping to shield assets in case if there’s personal liability?’ ” He added, “It sounds like an attempt to avoid personal liability in having assets in his wife’s name.”

  15. Joe knew something. i have read previous comments defending him and creating situations where he may not have known. all other indications show that Joe knew everything going on at PSU, especially around the football locker rooms. After ten years of this investigation, Joe didnt follow up on one of his one-time employees who was still actively working in his building on accusations of this magnitude is just ridiculous.
    I don’t want to jump to conclusions either, but with everyone depending on someone of Joe’s stature to make the right decision for his University really puts enough blame on his shoulders to tarnish his legacy.

  16. It makes me sick to hear all you Penn State bubble people. Joe knew there was innapropriate sexual behavior with a child. Joe knew that Sandusky ran a program for under privelaged kids. Did Joe allow that to happen without saying anything? Yes he did thats all that needs to be known and said. I don’t hold Joe anymore accountable than shultz or spanier or anyone else. However Joe is getting the most attention because of what Penn State si doing. You people are defending this guy because you cant see the reality of the situation because you are blinded by your love for this man, who enabled child molestation. There is no debate in that. I have heard all the facts I need.
    If you havent noticed Joe is the only one who anybody is defending in “he did not know, and doesnt deserve this”. That is why people are speaking out even more against Joe pa to defend why he deserved everythign he got.

  17. I’m not saying Joe didnt know, I’m simply asking what else you people wanted him to do. He isn’t the AD or university president, so he can’t remove Sandusky from the university grounds. At the time, sandusky was no longer a coach under Joe, so he couldnt fire him (he couldnt anyway, thats ADs job). He is not the law, so he couldnt arrest him.
    The case was under investigation by the state DA, for all we know JOe was probably told to keep his mouth shut as to not hinder the case.
    What is it that you wanted him to do?
    And why isn’t there this same level of outrage over Curley, McQueary, Shcultz and Spanier? Because they’re not Joe Pa, and no one gives a shit. The reward of bringing them down isn’t even close to the financial reward for the media, and the moral reward you all would feel. You want to be able tos ay “ya, we brought down Joe” just like the media so badly wants to say it.
    It’s for this same reason that ESPN et al, spent over 5 hours of coverage on the Joe Pa firing “riots” and 10 seconds covering the 10,000 PSU students that held a candle light vigil for the victims, thousands of PSU students / alum that have donated close to $400,000 to RAINN.
    “We brought down Joe Pa”….isn’t that gonna be a feather in your caps.
    All of you so outraged by Joe Pas lack of action, how many of you have made a donation to RAINN or other charity that fights child abuse beacuse of this recent scandal? Not many? Exactly. But you can get online and bust Joe Pas balls and sleep well at night…pathetic.

  18. To further make my point above….I’m sure SI thought they would sell a lot more copies w/ a pic of Joe Pa and stories about Joe Pa on the cover, than with a pic of Sandusky. It’s all about the money, while they play the “morals” card – pathetic.

  19. To Nightline: He’s to important to the movement. Tell him that he went to Nova He’d probably kill himself just so there was one less villanova alumni in the world.

  20. oo and Penn State was all about their money and status thats why the covered up children being raped for 10 years.
    If Joe Paterno knew which he did. He should have stepped down from the University and when confronted as to why. Expose Penn State and their massive cover up. The case would not have continued for ten years while he was in contact with children.
    If Joe Paterno is the moral man you all claim he would ahve done more. He did not and he enabled child molestation.
    My outrage towards Joe pa is no more and no less than shultz curly mcqueery or anyone else involved in the cover up. But Paterno is the only one being defended. GET OUT OF YOUR PENN STATE BUBBLE AND WAKE UP.

  21. I’m an alum and I couldn’t agree more with Wilson. The student body at PSU are the only ones who are making this about the vitcims. I donated to RAINN and I wish I could have been there for the Blue out and the candlelight vigil. Yet I read an article about some fucking schmuck who said he was going to fire anybody at his company who’s graduated from PSU and will never hire anybody from there again. We are such an instant-gratification society. Let this shit play out before we rush to judgement. And no I’m not talking about that sick fuck Sandusky, he’s guilty. I’m talking about McQueery and JoePa.

  22. I’m sick of seeing Joe Pa’s picture on all this Sandusky scandal stuff. Honestly, why is that deplorable and sickening excuse for a human being not getting media time. Joe Pa went to university police (Schultz is the police, but the media doesn’t seem to know or report that). From there, what was he supposed to do? The police wouldn’t update him with the investigation. he is the football coach, not part of the police force. he probably thought it was being handled. maybe seeing that nothing was being done, he should have went to child protection services but he wasn’t an eye witness. he knew this stuff secondhand. start putting Sandusky’s picture on this shit. This is bigger than PSU and Joe Pa. This is bigger than only 5,000 out 40,000 students rioting. this is about a sick disgusting man pretty much getting off scott free right now. barely any media attention because its all on joe pa and he’s out on bail. he’s really living the high life and he shouldn’t be. joe pa is the only one getting heat right now. leave the man alone. he is 84 years old. i wouldn’t be surprised if this killed him. why don’t we go after Schultz who is head of police and didn’t go into an investigation or Curley for also not doing anything further when by law he had the right to go to the police when Joe Pa was required to go to superiors. Why not talk about Sandusky and the victims. Every single media outlet is focusing on Joe Pa and the minority of students acting like a bunch of idiots, not the victims. how much coverage was there of that candle light vigil students organized that had 10,000 people? not much or none at all. my point is that this whole thing has gotten completely out of hand. These victims are getting forgotten about and it sickens me. People say the students here have forgotten about victims but unless you are on campus you dont see it. we are so upset by this, not just because of the attacks on our school, but because of what happened to those children. we are so sickened by the entire thing. it breaks our hearts to know that this has happened within university facilities and that action was not taken by administration or the police.

  23. OK, I’ll write this in short sentences, to help the slow among you to understand:
    1. There’s nothing to debate about Sandusky. His crimes are heinous. Everyone knows that (except for, apparently, Sandusky himself).
    2. Joe Paterno was way more powerful than the university police. He should have done more to stop Sandusky. He now acknowledges this himself.
    3. There isn’t a media conspiracy against Penn State.
    Penn State brought this shit storm down upon itself — and I say this as a graduate of PSU’s main campus. Penn State is just going to have to accept the consequences of its moral failings.
    4. Penn State fans need to stop whining about the big, bad media. This whining makes the rest of us look bad.

  24. @Wilson, Seriously? If Joe couldn’t do anything to Sandusky then how did he have the power and pull to get the university president and company fired several years back when they tried to oust him from PSU via retirement? He tells the President to pound sand and he can’t get a lowly assistant coach banded from the athletics department and field house? Come on, man!

  25. @Darth…True.
    Could we assume Joe went to his superiors, told them to fire him, and they said no? Joe distanced himself from Sandusky – re Sandusky retirement party
    They all knew about it, and Sandusky still had access to the facilities. That’s why I’m so curious as to what Sandusky had over all these guys to the point that one one did anything.

  26. “If you care more about figuring out who’s to blame than you do finding a solution, then you’re to blame.”

  27. @ wilson….assuming makes an ASS out of U and ME
    all you ignorant penn state fuckheads who continue to blindly defend paterno and the ginger fuck make me wanna vomit. you are all in ur own little bubble and refuse to accept the fact that your hero royally fucked up. this is what happens when a human being reaches god-like status in a community. in the eyes of ur little penn state cult, the man can do nothing wrong. what’s it gonna take to get through all ur thick skulls that not only are these allegations true (hence the grand fucking jury report that i guarantee 3/4 of u penn state jabronies havent read) , but these so-called “facts” that u guys all claim might come out in defense of paterno and the ginger fuck are gonna be nothing but more facts to condemn them even more and continue to make ur university look worse. newsflash penn state: you are the only ppl in the UNIVERSE that continue to defend these rapist-supporting jitbags. maybe the world wouldnt despise every single one of you if u stepped back and admitted that ur whole entire university is corrupt and in the wrong, including ur god paterno. the biggest question is how long will u degenerates continue to be in denial about this situation, because the more u try to defend ur school and ur senile hero and his ginger sidekick, the more likely it is the world will become sick of u and ur penn state degrees will become liabilities to acquiring jobs

  28. and the reason paterno gets the media coverage, the most blame, and the SI cover is because he is the school. and u ppl at penn state made him that way. you revered him as a god. he’s more powerful than the AD. the president of the school. he assumed he was more powerful than the trustees when he basically told them to fuck themselves and it wasnt their decision to tell him when he had to step down. he is the face of the school. the figurehead. when an event as big and devastating as this goes down, the figurehead gets the most blame. he is the captain of the ship, and goes down the hardest when it sinks, just as he gets the highest reward when his football team wins a national championship. when u have that much responsibility, the rewards u receive for doing good are tremendous, but the punishment u receive for fucking up is the harshest of anyone elses. to think or assume that paterno didnt know EVERY SINGLE DETAIL that went on with sandusky or anything else in the university for than matter is BEYOND ignorant.joe paterno is the football program (or was) and is penn state. he knew, and he turned his head for financial and legacy purposes. @wilson and @blonders, get ur heads out of ur asses and have a conversation with @shannon because if everyone at ur school went about this situation like her no one would be hating u or ur school right now

  29. Not one comment about that picture being taken at “The Big House”?
    You people aren’t trying hard enough.

  30. @llyod carr- easy chief, you’re going to give yourself a heart attack over psu. Take a deep breath haas

  31. None of us know all the facts or the truth. Regardless of how confident many of you are about what you know. We were not there and privy to any of the conversations by anybody.
    WAIT until all the facts are know to assume guilt or innocence. I have spoken to numerous individual who played, coached and worked there an none of them knew about Jerry Sandusky> If JVP was involved in the cover up then he gets what he deserves but if his involvement was less then that than all of us are to blame. ALL THE FACTS first then judgement.
    The other thing is 2002 incident was long after he was off the staff so despite claims JVP had no control over it.

  32. Yes, it is very appropriate that Paterno is on the cover. Sandusky was a bad guy for a long time and he will get what is coming to him. *The* story, however, is how the King and Emperor of Penn State knew since 1998 that his at that time ‘second in command’ of the football team was molesting children. The key to his failure was in one of his first comments when Paterno said that he would continue focusing on his primary goal which was to do what was best for his university – NOT what was best for the children.

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