The Occupy NovaCare Folks are Back

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Photo via 97.5 The Fanatic's Facebook page.

We'll have a rather long, in-depth post coming up (likely tomorrow morning) about the need for the Eagles to start with a completely clean slate. Firing Andy is step one.

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15 Responses

  1. Is it “(You) Surrender Andy” or “Surrender, Andy”? Honestly, this is the second time their lack of punctuation has confused me.

  2. for real though. how do these people have this much time on their hands. occupy a hobby since you don’t have a job

  3. Funny, I recall calling for his firing for about 3 years and everyone called me dumb. Funny how things work like that

  4. I used to support McNabb and Reid for all of the years when they were criticized. When McNabb was traded, it was time for Reid to prove himself. At this point, I simply can’t support him any longer. The hiring of Castillo as DC was the final tell that he needs to go.
    It’s been great, Andy. But at this time, I think you are too burned out to coach. Take some time off and come back in a few years.

  5. deezy you’re an idiot. what grown adult has time to protest a head coach. infact, who has time to protest something so meaningless as an nfl head coach. it’s a fucking game. grow up you losers

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