Today’s Sandusky Updates

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Earlier, we showed you articles about Jerry Sandusky taking part in a 2004 on-campus fundraising carnival for his charity, The Second Mile. That was two years after he was barred from bringing boys onto campus. We also found that, in 2007, Sandusky was one of many speakers at the school’s commencement events.

Deadspin found that Sandusky brought in close to $500k through The Second mile after he admitted to showering with a little boy.

And we already knew that Sandusky was working out on campus as recently as last week.

There are many other developments today. Here are a few:

Mike McQueary has been placed on administrative leave.

Someone smashed a window at Sandusky's house.

Deadspin has obtained Second Mile tax returns from 1998-2010.

PSU trustees establish a committee to investigate

John Gonzalez doesn’t think the players understand. Joseph Santoliquito has more player reaction.

Andy Reid had no idea he was listed as an honorary board member of Second Mile.

And there is some good coming out of this. Penn State alumni have organized to contribute to RAINN (rape abuse incest national network). Thus far, they have already raised $148,000 for their cause. You can check out details and donate here.

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