Week 11
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That was a bad one. In spite of the Cardinals awful uniforms (and questionable record this season), the Eagles managed to lose another one where I predicted a victory, keeping me in sync with their actual record, 3-6. I'm having as much success as the Eagles are.

Week 10 Recap

As always, using the Gridiron Uniform Database, let's take a look at the week that was. The Bears showed up in their Orange alternate (eh, not a good look, especially compared to Navy over White), and the Falcons wore their 1960s throwbacks. Sure, the Falcons throwbacks correctly pull on the "old=better" heartstrings, but if they're not their fulltime uniforms, they might as well bring back their MIA Black alternate. There, I said it. Not Black over Black, but Black over White would be a good look, much better than Red over White. And those were all of the uniform stories in last week's games. Rather uneventful.

Week 11 – Eagles vs. Giants

Oddly, the Giants rumored throwbacks never materialized this year. I say "oddly" because more often than not, uniform-related uniforms end up panning out. You know, except when I write 700 words about a "purported" Winter Classic jersey. (Thanks, Kyle!)

They're an intradivisional opponent without any interesting uniform stories this year, so I'm going to pull most of this content from last year's UniDiction. What happens when you take the least of the Eagles current uniform combinations and compare it to the most egregious "old must be the same as classic, right?" uniform in the league? Find out after the jump.


Eagles: 7 — I still think this is one of the best helmet designs in the league.  I'm a sucker for "functionalhelmet designs. Change what you want on the uniforms and logos, but don't lose the wings on the helmet. Absolutely iconic.

Giants: 3 — The Metallic Blue with a simple Red stripe with the perfectly proportioned logo simply works.  Unfortunately, simply "working" does not a uniform masterpiece make, even if it's from the 1950s.


Eagles: 3 — The White jerseys are unfortunately nondescript compared to the Midnight Green.  As much as White ends up as one of every team's colors (unofficially, of course) because one of their jerseys is, well, predominantly White, the Eagles are a Green team.

Giants: 3 – Their solid Blue home jersey is unfortunately described as, well, just that.  It’s a solid Blue jersey with White numbers and name.  They’re hiding a small “ny” logo above the front numbers, but that’s it. There’s just nothing there other than a sea of Blue.  Classic or not, this is boring.  At least their White jerseys (with their misbegotten Red accents) have Northwestern stripes on the sleeves to have something going on other than numbers on a solid color.

Pants and Socks

Eagles: 1 — Blech. These need to go. The more I see them on cloudy days, the more they just look like a dark mess. The non-traditional assymetric stripes are better than whatever the Falcons call the things growing on their thighs, but how in the world is White not one of the predominant stripe colors? Designers love when things "pop." Nothing about these pants "pops." The White stripe between Grey and Black is simply too thin.  Also, the Black socks do nothing against the Dark Green pants.

Giants: 3 — Flat Grey should not be on a football uniform.  No no no.  There's plenty of leeway between "too showy" and "drab." It doesn't need to be one or the other. Even White pants would improve this. This is all unfortunate because the wide, connected blue-red-blue stripe pattern is a nice, visually interesting touch, and of course, the Blue socks contrast nicely with the White sanitaries (sure, most colors contrast with White, but still…)


Eagles: 1 — I've moved from "indifferent," to "not loving," to "this is not a good look," to "get this combo the heck out of the locker room." It simply looks like crap unless it's a bright, sunny day.

Giants: 6 — The Giants' current uniform set has one more Super Bowl win to its name than the Eagles' does. This is why there's an "intangibles" category. And their Red alternate from 2004–2008 was funky.

Final Score

Eagles 12

Giants 15