Union Unveil New Kits with a Christopher Nolan Trailer

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Fuck, Union, just weeks after I get myself a nice, authentic white kit (photo evidence— yes, that's a Cliff Lee Fathead behind me), you go and change things up on me*.

*I should have known– soccer teams do this every year UPDATE: every two years in the MLS.

Apropos of exactly nothing right now, the Union unveiled their 2012 kits today… by re-cutting the trailer for Inception. Really.

Anyway, those are the new kits. They look like Man City fucked Real Madrid and the two had a baby, and that’s not a bad thing. At all. Nice contrast between the dark and light blues, solid use of gold, and a lighter – dare I say regal-looking – away jersey.

Sadly, though, the aesthetic appeal of soccer kits is largely based on the logo of a team’s sponsor– in this case, Bimbo, whose branding looks like an early swipe at the American flag. Plus, uh, that name.

In some cases (see Madrid, Real), the sponsor’s logo blends in seamlessly with the design. In other cases (see Barcelona), it clashes horribly. That’s what happens with the Union kits. Their look is constantly going to be brought down with that hideous Bimbo logo. But hey, they’re paying the Union tons of money, so it’s a fair tradeoff.

Nice work on the design.

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  1. Hey Kyle… most teams (in fact the MLS has a 2 year rule) change their kits every 2 years. As was announced last year the Union said they would keep the first kit idea for 2 years (2010-2011) and then come out with a new one.
    Also, you don’t have to trash the white 3rd jersey you have. They are keeping that as a 3rd jersey for (at least) the upcoming 2012 season. So wear it with pride!!
    I’m a season ticket holder (have been since the beginning) and I like the new jerseys. It’s a good progression. Plus it gets rid of those gold ones. As for the sponsorship (Bimbo) you got it right. It’s about the money not about what it looks like or says.
    I like that you are coming around on this soccer thing… keep it up!!

  2. absolutely love the new unis. much more attractive design, got rid of the plain color clashes. Looks a lot better with the logo than the old ones (that just sticky-taped the logo on.
    Until you dish out 4 million dollars a year, quit bitchin about the logo.
    Would you put a Samsung logo on your Phillies jersey, if that meant Albert Pujols was at First Base??? Chelsea FC (my team) Gets about 17.5 million dollars a year to put that Samsung logo on their gear.
    Oh, DHL distribution paid Manchester United 66 million dollars to put their name on the WARMUP/PRACTICE jerseys. Imagine that income for a logo on batting practice jerseys. And the player that gets you.
    It’s foolish not to put a little logo on there.

  3. I dont get how people wine about Bimbo, then go enjoy Entenmann’s snacks, Stroehmanns, or Thomas’s english muffins…made by Bimbo…
    Find me a better reasonably priced english muffin that good. Thank you Bimbo!

  4. Hate the new home kits … the bright blue doesn’t go with the gold or the navy. The away aren’t too bad, but still not a fan of that blue.
    And I’d love to see Wawa sponsor them, that would be pretty awesome.

  5. ultimately connecting the dots between the cities colors (baby blue – yellow) to the uniform. The same reason people are like “well why are the sons of ben a different color” with the baby blue presence
    The reason I loved those Eagles throwbacks was that they yielded straight heritage to the city….ever realize the Pirates/Steelers/Penguins wear Black and Yellow. Ever notice their city flag is Black and Yellow as well. (Wiz is stuck in your head now). Personally, i think it’d be awesome if every team in Philly had those atrocious baby blue and yellow colors….not that I like it, but that it’s unified and our flag.

  6. I don’t really care about the jersey or bimbo’s muffins, but all that sorbet and sugary girlie drinks is causing Kyle to develop a set of moobie fun bags.

  7. Smile motherfucker, are you ashamed of your chicklets? Bays English Muffins in the dairy cold case, authentic, delish. Is fucking city ever gonna lose or draw this year? Sporting my 2009 berbatov Home Kit in the office today. Kits are always relevant…

  8. Personally, i think it’d be awesome if every team in Philly had those atrocious baby blue and yellow colors….not that I like it, but that it’s unified and our flag.

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