Video: Flyers Stall Tactic

I swear, Peter Laviolette has melons where most men have balls. 

The Lightning play a 1-3-1 trap, with all five skaters positioned almost in-between the two blue lines. So how did the Flyers approach it during the first minute of the game? Stall… video game style– just hold the puck.

The Lightning played it like a weird glitch in a 16-bit hockey game in which the forecheck doesn’t enter the offensive zone unless defensive pressure is maxed out.

Anyway, after 30 seconds, officials whistled the play dead and shifted the faceoff into the Flyers’ zone. This isn’t an entirely new strategy, however– the Flyers tried it last year, as well. And, according to the Versus-soon-to-be-NBC-sports-Rock-Center-Mondays-at-10! broadcast crew, it was a tactic employed by the Capitals in the playoffs last year. Still, the officials didn’t like it, and they liked it even less when the Flyers tried it again two minutes later… and for the rest of the first period (albeit with added movement).

No penalties were called, but it seems the threat is there.

Rule 63.1 begins:

63.1   Delaying the Game – A player or a team may be penalized when, in the opinion of the Referee, is delaying the game in any manner.


It goes on to list several situations, none of which specifically detail this sort of thing, but that first part serves as a catch-all for officials to hide behind. They told coaches that the puck had to stay in motion.

Of course, maybe it wasn't a strategy at all. As reader Brian notes, perhaps Braydon Coburn was just in shock over that new contract*.

*If we’re using that logic, and Ryan Madson winds up getting $44 million, I’d expect him to turn into a human rain delay next season. Not good.


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  1. The Versus guys are right — there needs to be a rule change. Tampa’s 1-3-1 is responsible for the delay in the game, because the guy behind the play isn’t making any effort to participate. If there’ a delay of game call, it should be assessed to the team that plays the trapping/delaying style, and the draw should be in that team’s defensive zone.

  2. You can’t call a penalty for delay of game when nothing is delaying the game. The clock is moving and the puck is in play, the refs really can’t do anything about it. If the forechecker pressures the D, they will move the puck.

  3. AWESOME! Milbury just left the studio and both Jones and that Liam guy are openly admimtting their relief!
    BTW Thanks to the Fake IB to be open about it. JSYK you know it’s me by veryfying that me posts also appear in me typepad activity.
    And Slappy, I’d still rather have iron balls than Lavie’s melons, cause melons are easy to squish. Uless they be iron melons hahahahah

  4. Tampa is responsible, not the Flyers. Know your hockey before throwing out a headline like that!

  5. HAHAHAHAH Coburns got big balls too and Downie’s a wussy clown. Hahahahahah…
    Now here’s a guy with melon-sized balls. Literally!: (Warning, not for the faint of heart and guts)
    They say his scrotum sack & contents alone weigh over 10 stone, and that it’s gonna take $1 million to fix him without actually losing the testes. Sad, but you can donate:

  6. Hoof Hearted (though nobody’s melted),
    Slappy Boyo never said it was the Flyers fault nor were the Flyers wrong in responding to the Tampa trap. READ THE FUCKING POST, MORON!
    I give Laddie a hard time for his asburger-like compulsions but he knows hockey well enough.

  7. it is already in the rule book…
    72.1 Refusing or Abstaining from Playing the Puck – The purpose of this section is to enforce continuous action and both Referees and Linesmen should interpret and apply the rule to produce this result.
    the flyers have control of the puck in their own zone and must play it. they should have received a delay of game penalty.

  8. joey, you’re a complete dumbarse. You quoted 72.1 but what about parts 2 through 5? Look at the ENTIRE RULE, Fuckwitted Joey!
    To wit:
    1) Tell me anywhere in Rule 72 where a delay of game penalty should result in an infraction of that rule!
    2) The Flyers had possession and thus were playing (and touching) the puck, albeit in a very tight space in their own zone. Per Rule 72, the onus isn’t on them to advance the puck forward. Even if they refused to touch the puck, which they didn’t, then isn’t it also Tampa’s responsibility to try and “play the puck” (gain possession) as well? Wouldn’t Tampa also be violating Rule 72 if they wouldn’t attempt to touch the puck either?
    3) The rule is there for a team who refuses to touch the puck in cases where if they don’t touch the puck they can run-down the clock to their advantage, instead of causing a stoppage of play to their disadvantage if they do touch the puck. Catch a clue by reading the Part titles: “Hand Pass”, “High Stick”, “Icing”, “Delayed Penalty Call”; Were these the instances that happened tonight? Furthermore, per Rule 72, the Ref didn’t have the the right to blow his whistle for what the Flyers did since they did none of these things.
    Finally, piss-off from here until you finally learn something about hockey, Shyte-for-brains Joey.
    And off Puck Daddy as well (Krikey, what a fucking troll all over the place, you are!):

  9. Ya know, I honor Lavie’s intentions. Their point was to expose the trap as a shyte-heeled strategy. If every visiting team that plays Tampa does the same thing, they’d lose a lot of people in the seats and they’d pull a Thrasher. But, what he should have done was have his 2 D’s get close to each other and make some dinky-doo passes to each other inside one of the face-off circles to try to lure in a Tampa forechecker. The refs can’t do anything cause they are definitely playing the puck by passing.
    The OT loss wasn’t fun, yeah they get a point but blow another (tenuous) lead. However Coburn making Downie cry uncle like the bitch that he is was worth not getting the win. But both Tampa goals were as a result of blown coverage. #1 was a green Cooter but OT #2 was a big Mezzy fuck-up. They oughta start charging him for admission if he’s just going to be another spectator!

  10. That stalling tactic was the damnedest thing I had ever seen before! Kudos to Lavs for his tactic which looked like the “Four Corners” on ice. Yeah, methinks there’s going to be some sort of rule change to address Tampa’s antics.

  11. Joey… when a skater has possession of the puck and is skating around in giant circles with it… he IS playing the puck. “Not playing the puck” means just letting it sit there and not touching it, which is explained in the rest of rule 72.
    For example, you and I are on a team, and I make a hand pass to you… you realize that if you touch it, play is blown dead, so you refuse to “play the puck”… that’s not a problem in and of itself, but when the OTHER team then also refuses to play the puck (they know you can’t touch it, so they decide to just let it sit there to let the clock continue to run, perhaps to kill a penalty, etc…), then the play is to be blown dead so that time can’t continue to run off the clock. That is what they mean by not “playing the puck”. It’s got nothing to do with holding on to a puck and skating it around in your own zone.

  12. Maybe they were doing it for all those a-hole detractors that say they don’t like to watch hockey on TV ’cause they cant follow the puck. The question i have then is what’s better Fox’s puck comet, or this… Prongs was great in calling out the Lightning for putting on a shit show for their home crowd.

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