Videos: Joe Paterno Speaks to Students and Media from His Window

H/T to reader Willie Jungels

Shortly after, Joe Pa went out and spoke to students on his lawn. That video is after the jump.


Photo gallery here.

via TDC Football on YouTube

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30 Responses

  1. Nothing fixes getting rapped in the shower quite like a pray a decade too late. Fuck you Joe Pa.

  2. this isnt about football anymore….these students cheering lets go state are idiots. this is a disgrace and a shame, and its time to sit back and admit that the school was wrong and must face the consequences. it is not time for a party

  3. They’re rallying a guy who is least responsible for this mess. You guys heard about Curley and that other guy resigning amid criminal charges right?

  4. Mcqueary is a no heart pussy. Anyone with any morals would grab a bat & beat the shit out if Sandusky in the shower. Call the police at least

  5. Pray for the victims, now?!? Fuck you Joe! You could have prevented more of those kids from being victims. You fucking prick. I hope you die a long painful death.

  6. I don’t know if McQueary’s going to be able to get a job selling shoes in this hemisphere after this is all over. Funny because when I lived in State College in 97 he had a rep for being a real tough guy in the bars with his linemen around him.

  7. I remember I once saw mike mcqueary beating his girlfriend in Mclanahans deli when I was at psu. He’s a red headed pussy

  8. You know what FUCK YOU ALL JOE PA HATERS. Do you know how much Joe knew when he was told by the grad asst? And for all you all who think he was covering for Sandusky…… So calling him a pedophile or someone that is covering for his friend… get some facts, let it all play out before blaming Joe 100% for everything. I agree Sandusky should be stoned in public… but blaming for everyone without knowing the entire story is pathetic…..

  9. Sad to see so many ignorant people happy to villify for their own perverse pleasure. How different are you from Sandusky when you villify someone who “followed protocol” and did what he was supposed to do? You people by posting such comments are in the same league and Jerry Sandusky.

  10. Mort you are a fucking idiot. Anyone with some morals calls the police. Fuck the chain of cammand when a 10 yr old is getting raped in the shower.

  11. all you joe pa haters who have no idea what actually is happening here need to shut up. you all want to look cool saying bad things about him, when anyone who has payed attention to penn state for more then 5 fucking seconds knows how good of a guy joe pa is. he did what he had to do.

  12. Joe Pa on dropped the ball making an awful decision by not reporting the 2002 incident to the police.

  13. TC… I know you reported it to the police immediately right? I am not saying that he shouldn’t have, and I am not saying that its the same thing at all.
    But while all of you are worried about whether JoePa should be fired or not, all I want is justice. And for justice, McQueary’s testimony is important, better late than never (note that if he notified the police then, it would have saved a lot of kids from being victims of the most haenous crimes). He could have just never said anything about it like his older and supposedly wiser bosses Curly, Shultz and most likely Spanier. We gotta clean from the top before we worry about Joepa or McQueary.

  14. Joe Pa was only told by the grad assistant that there was something fishy going on. He wasn’t told any specific details on the event. The only time he was told anything was in 2002(after Sandusky had already been retired) and that was when he went to his superior. Penn State is pretty much a corporation. There is protocol that needs to be followed. I’m not saying that is right, because he should have notified police when he saw nothing being done about it. Don’t sit here and tarnish this man’s good name just because he is the most accessible. He is the least responsible in this situation. Can we talk about Sandusky himself? or how about McQueary for seeing something like that and not stopping it or the fact that he didn’t tell Joe exactly what he saw? or Shultz and Spanier for knowing about it and the details and doing absolutely nothing? And none of the students are denying that what was done was wrong. It most certainly was, but it wasn’t the university that was wrong. it was a select few people.

  15. I feel like my own grandfather is being blamed for a crime that is not his fault. Whay is everyone, public and media, jumping all over Joe Pa for this!?!? Do you all suddenly forget about guys named Curley, Shultz and, oh I dont know, SANDUSKY!!! Or how about Spanier? Sure Joe Pa may be the “face” of PSU but by no means is he the top of the chain of command. Before you start making uneducated finger points(watching ESPN)why dont you read some facts and get some stories straight!

  16. I’m sorry but that was sick. For all the people saying that the public should wait and see how this all plays out before condemning Joe Pa, you should also condemn those that are chanting praises for Penn State and Joe on his damn front lawn. You may be right in the end that the public and media are jumping the gun, but seriously, at least cool down the support for Joe Pa, you don’t know if he is uninvolved in the mess either.

  17. For years PSU fans, students, alumni walled around casting stones at every program across the country.
    Well guess what, those programs may have bent some rules here and there, and had some questionable “students” but none of them let a pederast roam their campus like it was is own private diddle house for nearly two decades.
    Karma’s a bitch.

  18. Joe Paterno, you are so fucking lost…….you may as well have been in the shower that day…ignorant asshole

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