Video: Our Favorite Hefty Eagles Fan is Back with His Post-Game Rant

Our favorite Eagles fan, eatdatpussy445, is back and… well, he’s not happy.

It takes him a few minutes to get going, but some highlights:

“What the fuck you doing play-action fakes for, n*$@a? You ain’t ran the damn ball all game. We got one of the best motherfucking running backs in the league, if not the best running backs in the league.”


And the 5:57 Wes Welker nutting rant is worth watching, too. 

Somewhere in the midst of all that incoherence is a sound line of reasoning, citing specific plays, a few stats, and, um, lots of n-words.

The forlorn part 2 is after the jump.


14 Responses

  1. What’s worse, that this guy might have actually expected a win, or that I’d rather listen to him than The Gov after a game?

  2. Brilliant! eatdatpussy445 is my dawg! However, I have to correct him on one point, he said that Patriots fans told him their team would win, I’m sad to say there were Eagles fans who thought the Pats would win too!

  3. The dude is right man. to have so many good players and suck like that is a crime. No, its sorry ass coaching. Whomever is calling the defense needs to be fired. The Patriots defense has nobody but they play as a team. They play with disciplne. They have mental toughness. They give up yards but you aint geeting in the end zone. On paper, Philly was the team to beat its an all-pro team. Yeah Fat Fuck I feel your pain

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