Video: Phillies Introduce Papelbon

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One Response

  1. Change your tampon already, Slappy Boyo. I’d expect such a young guy like you’d be more positive about this. Sure he’s a dork, but he’s OUR dork now…
    Krikey, you only had to live like what, 23 years to see your first WFC back in ’08? Some people waited a lifetime to see theirs, and some people never saw the Phillies win it in 1980 before giving up the ghost.
    As long as they keep spending the $$$ like Gillick and RAJ, odds are you see another. Maybe not next season, but someday soon.
    But if you keep stressing your slappy-self with all this negativity (and pickling your liver with vodtka sorbay), you’ll only shorten your miserable little life. Take it from me: and you’ll live a long and happy life.

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