Video: SNL Skewers Penn State

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They did this perfectly. Instead of addressing the events of the past week by lampooning a specific incident in a skit, the producers and writers of Saturday Night Live decided to opine on the unfortunate situation by having the devil provide commentary during Weekend Update.

Many were wondering (I know I was) if SNL was going to address the touchy situation. Giving the scandal its own skit would have been insensitive to all involved since there isn’t really one facet that you could look toward for humor (besides fat Scott Paterno– but good luck getting five minutes out of that bag of wind). So SNL did the next best thing: had the devil skewer Sandusky, Paterno, and the Penn State students– and it was hilarious.

Some excerpts:

When explaining why he was so appalled: “I’m the Prince of Darkness, not a monster.”

Why he didn't know about it: “I follow Kutcher on Twitter.” Ashton Kutcher has decided to stop Tweeting for the time being after he Tweeted that he couldn’t understand why Joe Pa was fired. He quickly backtracked and said that he hadn’t been aware of what had happened.

He takes aim at Joe Pa for not going to the police: “This is college football, not the catholic church.”

On the students: “Guys, what are you doing? I know you like Joe Pa, I get it. But you got to get out of the way of this one. Do you know how bad that made you look? There were cameras there. Those pictures go online and live forever. That’s why I created the internet, so bad decisions would live forever.”

He clarified that last statement by saying he only invented comments sections, tagging on Facebook, buffering, and terms of service agreements for the internet. 

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  1. Totally disagree. Just listen to the faint laughter when the PSU topic comes up. Crickets. Then when they bring up the Internet and the cable company, laughter.

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