Video: The Real Househusbands of Philadelphia Occupy Philly

Sorry for the lack of updates today– working on some things to keep, you know, making money (looking at you, advertisers).

Anyway, in honor of the supposedly law-respecting Occupy Philly protesters who occupied and were arrested at the Comcast Center today, here’s another brand new, always funny Househusbands of Philadelphia video from BirdText. Today, Marco and Lou Occupy Philly. Or at least they try to.

Their first two videos can be seen here.

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22 Responses

  1. No one fucks with Comcast. Now they’ll probably have their Robo-Cop prototypes guarding the doors.

  2. What’s worse; dirty, wet-behind-the ears hipsters or two drama school dbags who think they are funny?

  3. @Frank the Killer
    Have to agree here. I did not find this funny. It had potential to be, but they were just trying to hard. It also is annoying because while the Occupy people may have legitimate beef, they cost our broke city $237k the first week they were there and now $112k/week on an ongoing basis. Make fun of that fact. Maybe they can point out the irony of taxpayers of Philadelphia like me INVOLUNTARILY paying for this fragmented group of anti-Fed/socialist/anarchist/whatever to camp in a public place.

  4. “… working on some things to keep, you know, making money…”
    Isn’t that what yer da’s for?
    I know your increased liquor abuse is starting to impact your allowance but why don’t you ask him for a rise? Just don’t make it obvious that it’s for your rasberry sorbay vodtkas hahahahahah.
    As far as luring adverts, why don’t you work on making your blog better? Start by leaving the polliticking stuff to people who know more than you.
    Then work on the details of improving your just sports coverage. For instance, some of the stuff about the Flyers have been slipping through the cracks and it’s been left to us readers to pick up the slack. There are probably some other niggling details here and there but if you’re not in the know about it while it’s clear to us, it’s a lost cause. Savvy?

  5. They def tried too hard.
    But the annual urban outfitters convention was dead on.
    Also Comcast? They didn’t do shit. Go occupy the wells fargo building on 5th and market.

  6. Iron Balls, dude, the next joke you write that’s funny will be the first. Please keep commenting though as you’re the embodiment of every meatbag in Philadelphia: violently angry but NEVER interesting. If you were any more boring you’d be a story about the Philadelphia Union.
    “Yoooo, Human Centipede/ gay joke, I’m thinkin’ about takin’ jujitsu classes….. whateverrrrr.”

  7. Frank The Killer? Great name. What exactly have you killed:
    – Big & Tall section at Forman Mills?
    – Your Dad’s hope you wouldn’t turnout to be mongoloid? – KFC 12 piece alone in your basement apartment?

  8. Hey Urv, what makes you think I was trying to write jokes? At least I can swear for a fact that you aren’t writing them either hahahahahah.
    And I wouldn’t be doing any crittissizing without first having something meaningfull to say yourself.
    “Ulysses Rockefeller”… I bet your ma gave you that name after she was inspired by a couple of huge stinky dumps she once took hahahahahah.

  9. Honestly, why do you give such a shit about this video. I don’t care about it so I didn’t watch it.  I’m here for sports and although I’d love to get into a debate about these other comments I’d rather focus on one thing. IronBalls, dude…use your fucking spell check. I mean if you don’t like something and want people on your side, saying its “hurrible” won’t help your cause. I checked your link and you consistently post with terrible fucking grammar and spelling.  Also, it’s easy to accuse me of being a loser for pointing out these mistakes so before you do that know that you’re ignoring the point.  C’mon man, you’re a grown up. No one will ever take you seriously if you keep this shit up.  I am tired of seeing this shit. Is it enjoyable to be stupid? Do you take pride in that?  Critissizing?I hope you either;
    A)  are still in grade school  
    B) have a brain injury 
    Otherwise there is seriously no excuse for this. I agree with Mark, get back to the sports, this isn’t FunnyorDie.  IronBalls, get back to the books. You’re a disgrace. 

  10. Agree with Beez, this video is amazing. I also don’t usually like this stuff but these guys are great. And they are supposed to be trying hard, they are characters from a series called The Real Househusbands.

  11. Already saw this video on a comedy blog I frequent, and since you seem intent on expanding your content to political topics instead of sports, I will no longer be checking in everyday or recommending your site. Good luck to you, Kyle.

  12. Sounds like this Kyle/Christina person has a lot more to think about than this site anyway…

  13. Hey Steve Clement,
    I’ll make a deal. I’ll start checking me spelling as soon as you stop being a fucking arsehole dooshbag.
    If you don’t like it, nobody’s forcing you to read what I write, dipshyte.
    BTW Thanks, JT

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