Video: This Rather Hefty Eagles Fan Sums Up Your Feelings About Yesterday’s Loss in a 10 Minute Profanity Laced Rant

Here’s YouTube user eatdatpussy445 (a name which leads us to believe that there may be 444 others with a similar moniker) ranting (tantrum?) over yesterday’s shameful loss to the Cardinals. It’s 10 minutes long, and while the whole thing is worth a watch, the real fun begins at the 2:51 mark.

A highlight:

This has to be the worst, worst, worst, worst, worst, worst, fucking worst defense ever. These sorry motherfucking linebackers, they can’t do shit. They lettin’ Beanie Wells run all over them. 

The Juan Castillo rant at 6:30 is fun, too.

As you might imagine, the language is NSFW.

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23 Responses

  1. 2 awesome things I noticed:
    1. He get spit on his lip and says excuse me, as if that’s the only thing rude in his racist, profanity-laced rant.
    2. He calls Andy Reid fat. That dude is as fat or fatter than Andy Reid.

  2. I’ve been a fan of EDP445 for a while now. THIS video is nothing. Watch his first 2 videos from after the Eagles loss to the 49ers. Classic stuff right there.

  3. 4:10 mark: “I’m gonna have high blood pressure man”. I seriously think you already have that problem.

  4. The 2011 Philadelphia Eagles, 9 weeks, of Philadelphia, died peacefully of complications due to coaching and lack of intensity, on a crisp, sunny, Sunday afternoon, November 13, 2011. The team was surrounded by family, fans, and sorrow in its home stadium as it passed.
    Services: Memorial, 10 a.m. Wednesday, Lincoln Financial Field, 11th Street and Pattison Avenue, Philadelphia, PA. Contributions: In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to the church of Let’s Go Flyers or the See You Next Year Foundation.

  5. This poor fellow just might have more problems to worry about than his poorly coached, shitty, shitty football team.

  6. Awesome video, passion, lil crazy but none the less awesome….love laughing at this…keep em’ coming!

  7. His name talks about eating p—, and his weight. lol…. That reminds me of the time, while driving to Camden I saw a car with this across the top of the windshield. “fuck a ho” no lie, an actual driving car said that.

  8. Who would let that fat fucking clown eat their pussy….maybe he licked his mom’s pussy during birth but that’s the closest he’s ever been

  9. how can u say the real fun begins at the 2:51 mark???!?! i was crying from laughing so hard about :30 seconds in. Oh my god thank u so much for posting this, it really brightened up the day of this heart broken eagles fan! I’m subscribing to this guy IMMEDIATELY

  10. Oh. My. God. That was absolutely outrageous! Laughed from start to finish! And I’ve added this to my YouTube favorites list as this was a rant for the ages. Short and sweet, he’s my hero!

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