Your Brief Thursday Morning Roundup

I blacked out for a second. That 3,000 word Eagles post took a lot of me. So much, in fact, that I coasted into the evening yesterday. Here are some things I missed:

– Why yes, Virginia, I have heard about Kevin Kolb calling out the Eagles’ plays. I also didn’t think it was a very big deal. It happens all the time in all sports, players moving around and lending insight where they can. It just so happens Kolb was the quarterback and knew the signals inside and out. I don’t know this for sure, but I’d imagine switching up complex football signals is a bit different than changing the signs in baseball, so I can’t really put this one on Reid. Or Kolb– he did the right thing. Non-issue. 

– TMZ has obtained the financial documents Michael Vick is obligated to submit to bankruptcy courts. They show how much Vick has earned (and spent) in the last three months. It’s a lot.

– Now, on the other side of the coin, DeSean Jackson, who is rumored to be broke, fired back at Andy Reid for his benching: [Pro Football Talk]

“Honestly, I’ve never seen coach [Andy] Reid do anything like that,” Jackson tells Irvin.  “I’ve never seen him bench anybody for missing a meeting.” 


So, yeah, D-Jac isn’t happy with being benched. Shocking.

– In 2010, Jerry Sandusky made some curious financial decisions that would almost lead you to believe he knew this was coming.

– Franco Harris, who was indefinetely suspended by a sponsor, drove to Penn State to get the school to rehire Joe. Ryan Beckler of Onward State spoke with him.

– Mike Mcqueary is getting squirmy. In his letter to friends, he said he did go to police in 2002. Of course, police have no record of that…

– The Judge who let Sandusky out on unsecured bail received campaign donations from his charity.

– A decade ago, black students received death threats at Penn State. Some were football players. Apparently, Joe Pa didn’t care. Oh, and a black kid (non-football) turned up dead, in the exact same manner one of the letters predicted. The university slid it under the wrong, according to this article.

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  1. Man, this Penn State fiasco gets slimier and messier by the minute. No doubt in my mind Sandusky knew this shitstorm was coming down the road, thus that shady move he made with his mortgage. And the judge who let Sandusky out on bail should be barred from the bench since her impartiality was already in the toilet after getting money from the Second Mile. As for Franco, he should’ve saved his gas and stayed home, the chances of me being named the next coach of Penn State are infinitely better than Joe Paterno being rehired as he’s more radioactive to that school right now than Fukushima.

  2. McQueary did go to the cops. They did nothing and are just as guilty.
    Actually they’re more guilty since that IS THEIR JOB.

  3. What Mike meant to say is that one time he was watching COPS and just broke down and blurted out the details of what he saw to his TV. He was also masturbating at the time.

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