Your Lukewarm Stove News: Thome Removes Gum, Boras Campaigns for Madson, Rollins Now Referring to Phillies in Third Person

That there is Jim Thome handing his wife his – chewed – gum as he walked into yesterday’s, "you know", press conference.

Scott Boras said that he and the Phillies have had "good dialogue" thus far on Madson. He also verbally stroked Ruben Amaro by way of Jim Salisbury: [CSN Philly]

“I really don’t want to talk specifics of negotiations,” he said. “But I think clubs understand they have to compete, so a policy like that surrounds the value of the player. They gave Cliff Lee a five-year contract at age 32 last year and that turned out to be a good decision. I think Ruben Amaro has had a good run in decision-making. [Hunter] Pence and Cliff Lee were very solid moves on his part.”


Boras is a master of message. He could make Jayson Werth look like a $126 million player…

Oh. Never mind.

The Phillies continue to have an extreme hard-on for Michael Cuddyer, whom Thome called one of his "top five teammates ever": [MLB Trade Rumors]

One official told Olney that the Phillies' interest in  Michael Cuddyer is so ardent that if wants to play with the Phillies, the deal is inevitable as the club will make it happen.  The expectation within the industry is that the veteran will get at least a three-year deal.


Also of note: Jimmy Rollins refused to refer to the Phillies as “us” on Twitter. Semantics to the nth degree, but telling nonetheless.

Screen Shot 2011-11-06 at 1.32.52 PMCarry on.


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  1. Between ripping the fans in the playoffs and now this, I wonder if Rollins realizes how much he’s helping the Phillies PR-wise for when they inevitably let someone else overpay his washed-up ass.

  2. he’s a douche – ship him out. he was cooler when he wasn’t selling ugly t-shirts and calling himself “J-Roll”

  3. He’ll go for the bigger money elsewhere, continue his decline & then gripe about the Phillies like Werth did.

  4. I’ve been backing JRoll (insert symbol) resigning all year, but after this, he can go pound sand. This city made him the player he is, and to have this attitude, he obviously has no allegiance to the team.

  5. Well morons he technically is not a phillie right now so why would he be inclined to write *us* or *we* or whatever
    It would be cool if you people ever realized obvious things in life.
    Beez Nutz

  6. Beez Nutz –
    I dunno… maybe because if I had spent my entire career with one franchise (who paid me 8.5 million last year alone to play f’ing baseball), I would use “us.” I think a lot of other people would, too.
    Nobody really knows what is going on behind the scenes, but I believe this is going to turn into one big public shit show that will be bad for both parties involved.
    I do understand it’s a business. I really do. JR has been my favorite player for years, but the way he’s started handling things on his end lately is not the way to go about it.
    I hate to use a Yankees reference, but this is a Jeter-like situation. Jeter got way more than he deserved because of “intangibles.” I firmly believe that JR deserves a fair contract, and maybe a contract even more than “fair,” but I highly doubt what he is asking for is fair. He needs to shut his damn mouth and have his agent take care of business or get out of town. He can spout off about how shitty the negotiations were AFTER he’s gone.

  7. Lets face it. Rollins is not resigning here and it’s not necessarily his fault. If Amaro wanted him, he would have been resigned halfway through last season. Amaro always gets his guy and he doesn’t care what the market would bear regarding that. He just signs people at what he feels their value is. End of story.
    Amaro probably offered Rollins and Madson extensions at Amaro Value and they rejected them. And that is it.

  8. Sorry, but it is all his fault. He wants to be treated like he’s just coming off his MVP year, and said as much in his “press conference.” He’s 32 but has declined like he’s already in his late 30s. Goodbye Jimmy, thanks for the memories, but it’s time to move in a new direction.

  9. Rollins WAS a Phillie… he can hit the highway since he wants to ride it. Bring up Galvis or sign one of those FA SS’s. Trade Dom Brown and minor league pitcher for David Wright. Opening day lineup:
    CF – Victorino
    2B – Utley
    RF – Pence
    1B – Thome
    3B – Wright
    LF – Mayberry
    SS – Galvis
    C – Ruiz
    P – Halladay

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