Anyone Know Why There’s a Giant Flyers Jersey Atop City Hall?

Anybody? Bueller? 

Please tell me they’re not putting it on William Penn. Please

Reader Matt Hutelmyer sent us this photo earlier this afternoon of what is very clearly a giant Flyers jersey atop a lower-level roof of City Hall. 

Now, the obvious assumption would be that the city does, in fact, plan to play dress up with Billy Penn again… and we all know how that went when tried before (Phillies lost World Series in 1993, Flyers got swept in 1997). But from this angle, the sweater appears to be the old-style orange jersey, not the newer one or the Winter Classic version. You’d think that if the plan was to give ‘Ol Billy some apparel, the city would have used a modern jersey… Or maybe not. 

HBO has been known to be a bit creative with their cameras, so perhaps this has something to do with 24/7

Either way, it obviously has something to do with the Winter Classic. But just know that if it goes on Mr. Penn, the Flyers are going to lose the game. 

Anyone have any ideas?

Apparently, Matt's not the only one who saw this. A reader of CSN's 700 Level noticed the same thing, which leads me to believe it hasn't been lying around for too long.

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13 Responses

  1. Maybe they know Google Maps is taking a picture of the area today? Looking for a cheap gag maybe? Probably not. Just an idea.

  2. Dammit. I like it. The Flyers might lose the Winter Classic, but it won’t be becuase of Bill or that Jersey that he is about to don. Fuck it. Put it on him. What’re the chances of losing two Winter Classic games plus getting swept in a Stanley Cup Series? No, really.
    But, just in case, Holmgren should be sure that every Flyer wears “I’m with Billy,” shirts the week before the know, to balance out any possible superstitious backlash.

  3. That’s definitely for William Penn. They put Bruins jerseys on all the statues in Boston during the Cup.
    It was so disgraceful to see George Washington donning a Bruins #1 jersey.
    There’s no fucking way George Washington was a Bruins fan. Everyone, including respectable historians agree, that if anything, he’d be a Flyers fan.

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