Reminder: Beat Me in One-Week Only Fantasy Football, Win From $500 in Cash Prizes

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We’re playing with real money now, boys (and ladies…). $11 to enter a one-week only fantasy football league with other CB readers for a chance to win from a $500 – cash – prize pool.

Now, you might be asking yourself, why, Kyle, is this not another free league? To which I’d answer: 1) money doesn’t grow on trees, and 2) the payout is larger than ever before– $500.

But there’s more.

We’re only accepting the first 50 entrants, so not only should you hurry (infomercial voice), but you will also have a very realistic shot at winning the following sums of cash:

1st place: $150 

2nd place: $105 

3rd place: $75

4th place: $55

5th place: $40

6th place: $30

7th place: $20 

8th place: $15

9th place: $10


Nine winners– good odds. And there’s a nearly one-in-five shot of getting your money back. 

As you might expect, there’s more: If you beat my team, you get $5. And considering I haven’t finished in the top third in one of these things yet, your chance of recouping at least half your investment is very real.

So, since many fantasy leagues are entering their finals week before playoffs (if they haven’t ended already), and you may be looking for a new fantasy fix, here it is– one-week only fantasy football, for over $500 in cash prizes.

Our friends at Draft Street don’t offer these deals to just any site. Pick your team here, auction style, and follow along on Sunday. See if you can beat me… which I'd imagine you can. Keep in mind, Thursday night’s game between the Steelers and Browns won’t count toward the standings, so, um, don’t draft any Steelers or Browns. 

Play here.

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